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Before I forget...

Do you think its a good idea to keep taking folic acid vit. or prenatel vit.? I am on Lamictal and we plan to have kids in the future. I know that Lamictal can make the birth control less effective. I wanted to ask this before I forgot and went to bed.
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  • I don't know anything about Lamitctal, but the general recommendation by many physicians is that all women of child-bearing age should typically be taking a pre-natal vitamin or at least a multi-vitamin containing 100% of the RDA for folic acid.

    I'd talk with your doctor?

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  • My psychiatrist wouldn't give me Lamictal without me being on birth control. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor about that issue. Anyway, I would recommend also taking a prenatal, no matter when you plan on TTC. They are really important for all women of childbearing age.
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  • I have no clue what Lamictal is but can't see the harm in taking prenatals.  I've been taking them for years; it's just what I use as a multivitamin (though they don't have enough calcium...).  Ask your dr for sure but I'd bet he/she would say vits are ok. 
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