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I remembered you posted your DD's b-day party about a month ago and that you made pie pops.  I am throwing a wedding shower and think they would be perfect!  How hard were they to make?  Do you have a recipe?  TIA!

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  • Yes ma'am!  I made these for her dessert table:


    I actually had a lot of fun making them and once I got the rhythm down it went pretty easy. Now the cake pops I made for the table - I hated making those and thought they were a ton of work.  But I had issues with my balls being too big and sliding down - ha!  :)~ This was the tutorial I looked at before I started from the divine Ms. Bakerella: http://www.bakerella.com/easy-as-pie/ Only differences were I used cookie pop sticks (the bigger thicker ones), sprinkled the tops of the pops before baking with clear sugar sprinkles and added a little heart cutout of dough, and mine took a little longer to cook, I think about 18 minutes.  My other tips - Trader Joe's has the best frozen pie dough in my opinion, it's really tasty and buttery (unless you plan to make your own, but I didn't even attempt that).  I made my pie filling beforehand and I made it pretty thick with cornstarch, kind of the consistency of jam, and I think that helped keep the filling from running out. Oh and assemble them right on the lined baking sheets (I love my Silpat liners!).  I stored them in big tupperware tabs with wax paper between them and they stayed fresh for about 2 days.  Let me know if you need any other help!  :)

  • Thanks for the tips!  I might try to make them this weekend and see how they turn out.
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