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When does school start?

Before we moved, my daughter would normally start the second week in September but this year she begins school August 25. When do your kids start back to school? What are their hours?

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Re: When does school start?

  • 9/6.  He's in school from 9 am to 4 pm.  They get out on June 14th, it's hard to believe he's only been out for a month now!
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  • September 8th. Hours are 8:50-3:25pm
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  • Sep 6.  School 1 - 8-4, school 2 - 9-4

  • August 15th, 7:55-2:45
  • august 25th 830-3pm

  • September 6th  8:45 to 3:21 (such a random number)
  • I go back Aug 10th

    Students go back Aug 16th

    School runs from 7:40-2:35

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  • August 22nd is the first day here.  It's early!  And they are there from 7:50-2:50, though they request you get your kids there by 7:40.  Ugh.
  • they start the last tuesday of August and it's  8:30-3:30
  • Here they would go back the first week of September.  Times were 8:25-2:46, every Wednesday it was 8:15-11:46.  We are moving next week and they will be starting August 15.  Times are 9:05-3:55.  It is going to be a huge adjustment going to that schedule I think.  Before here we were in Germany and they went from 8:15-2:30 so we are use to the earlier schedules.
  • The new school year starts August 1st - year round school.  Hours are 8am-3pm. 
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  • Our schools start back Aug 1st! They go 8:00-2:50.
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  • 8/22- on DD's birthday! 

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  • August 25th 8:20-2:50
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  • Sept 6, 9:15-3:30
  • august 17th.  crappy half-day kdg is from 9-11:35...imo waaaaaaaaay too short of a day.  they spent more time at school in preschool!


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  • In our district 1-12 starts Sept 6th (Day after Labor Day) and PreK and K start on Sept 7th.  Elementary is from 9:40am to 4pm.  My sisters kids go to private school and they start the week before Labor Day.
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    August 22nd is the first day of Kindergarten - DD will attend from 8am to 2pm.  I remember starting in September as a kid - starting in August just seems wrong!  :)
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