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3rd Trimester

Choking on your own spit.

is anyone else doing this more often since being pregnant.  It drives my husband crazy.  He says I cough too much, but I'm choking on my spit.  He says he's never heard of that before.

Am I the weird one?  Or is he for not knowing this happens?

Re: Choking on your own spit.

  • Girl, I am the poster child for this right now!

    It seems I have a lot more spit than usual. I could be mid sentence and start choking. Glad I'm not the only one. 

  • I have some serious post-nasel drip and I cough and gag on it all the time. He is the mis informed one.
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  • kofmkgkofmkg member
    Yes.  It happens more often than I care to admit.  I also still have issues with too much spit in the final interval of my sonicare toothbrush cycle- and usually have to end the cycle early before I gag or vom on my own spit.

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  • Glad I'm not alone.  Hopefully it will go away shortly after baby arrives.
  • ricejlricejl member
    I am drooling so much at night time that I'm constantly flipping my pillow, I'm having to change my pillowcase every other night
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    Actually you may know me from my work with Tom Hanks. 

    Critically panned, but did marginally well at the box office. 

  • ive been doing it too. I feel stupid when I do it but I cant help it.
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  • Yes!  I did this nearly every day in my 2nd trimester.  I got a new office chair and it helped.
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  • All.the.time.

    I have to consciously eat food sometimes, too. If I just eat quickly, when I'm extra hungry or if the food is amazing, I choke pretty easily, too.

  • I haven't noticed any increase but I did do this the other night. Really bad too. lol, we couldn't help but laugh after I said "I'm fine, just choking on my spit"
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  • Yep, I keep doing that too. I thought it was just me. It's like I've lost control of my saliva and throat lol
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  • Not only choking on my spit, I'm choking on my reflux at night.  I have to be very conscious of what and when I eat at night.  I was up nearly all night Sunday because I ate dinner too late.  Even propped myself up in bed and still felt like I was drowning.
  • I've been like that since I got pregnant-I think that having so much spit is part of what made me have m/s so bad.And at night I drool so much,I actually wake up because the side of my face is wet...ugh

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  • imagericejl:
    I am drooling so much at night time that I'm constantly flipping my pillow, I'm having to change my pillowcase every other night

    OMG, This. Sooo gross.

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