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Hey there. I have had my IUD for almost a year now. I've only had one period. Lately I've been having period like symptoms (sore breasts, tired, cranky). Does anyone else get symptoms without blood flow? I've taken a PG test and it was negative. I'm a little confused and annoyed. Thanks for your input!


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  • I had mine in for over a year w/o getting a period. Then all of a sudden I started getting very small light ones again. Called my nurse at the womens center and she said that can happen. =(  HTH.


  • I've had mine in since November. I get pre-period symptoms (cramping, sore boobs, one God awful zit on my chin - that is the one I could really do without, lol). It usually feels like I'm going to have a really rough period, and then I spot for a day and it all goes away. I haven't had a real period since I had it put in. However, I am still mostly EBF Madeline (aside from "real" food), so I'm not sure what it will be like once I stop nursing.
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  • I never had much per-period symptoms beyond the big chin zit.  I get that about 3 or 4 times a year (with the current one going on 7 weeks!) with light spotting.  I'll take that over monthly zits and bleeding any day.  DH is getting a vasectomy soon and I'm leaving it it.
  • I've had my IUD for just over a year, still breastfeeding, and this is my second month where I am getting spotting at the same time of the month.  But, previous to the spotting, yes, I would get periodic cramping (that is usually my only PMS symptom) without spotting

    I'm not so sure about this, Opa!
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