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Recommendations for Reproductive Endocrinologists?

My husband and I may be moving to the Charlotte area and are looking for a RE. We have already been working with an RE in Southern California and want to resume treatments ASAP.  


Pursing Domestic Infant Adoption through a local agency. In the meantime, our dog is our baby.  Bumping from Portland, Oregon. 

Re: Recommendations for Reproductive Endocrinologists?

  • I have several friends use REACH in Charlotte. All with positive results and nothing but glowing reviews.
  • I also recommend REACH.


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  • I am at REACH right now and they are pretty seems very impersonal though, a bit like a factory LOL, and i've heard others say the same.But they're supposed to be good, so i'll deal with it.

    I have heard good things about the Women's Institute too but read that they only do IVF at certain times (on their schedule, not yours) which I didn't like if we do end up going that way.

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  • I went to the Womens Institute and was very happy with my experience there.  My RE there was Dr. Usadi.  I felt very cared for and although I was happy I got pregnant, I was sad to leave them and return to my regular OB/GYN. 

     They don't do IVF at certain times on their schedule. That isn't true at all.  IVF is based on your own personal cycle.  I ended up having weekend appointments sometimes because of the way things fell/progressed.

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