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Thoughts? CM

Ok - so FF says I Od about a week ago at this point, and I am noticing that I am having really odd CM.  It is creamy (I never get creamy) - it is white and doesn't stretch but is almost like a tiny bit of flour and water mixed in with wet=ish.  I normally don't have any CM after my eggwhite - so it seems strange to have it now.

Do you think it is a possibility that I could be fertile again? Or that I didn't O before?  I took an OPK and there was a very faint line on it, but not enough for it to be any where near or approaching positive for another LH spike...

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Re: Thoughts? CM

  • Sometimes I have creamy cm post o, it may be totally normal, so I would guess you've already o'd based on your chart. But, hey, it can't hurt to have some more sex in the meantime, right? Just in case...
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  • I always have creamy CM post O, so it's def normal. Whether or not it's normal for you, i can't say. 


    I was looking at your chart and our BD timing was exactly the time. You O'd 2 days earlier than me so I'm very curious to follow your chart. How do you feel about your timing?  Hopefully it will be enough to bring us both BFPs! 

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  • It really isn't normal for me, I just thought it was SO weird.  

    I feel ok about our timing - I was just worried for quite some time that I didn't O because I didn't see a HUGE temp shift.  So we will see what happens.  I really want to test early, even though I know we  aren't supposed to. :)

    Your timing and your temps are looking good!   Can't wait to see what happens with you! :)

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