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So much baby gear

Last night I ordered LO's car seat, and on Tuesday I received the stroller I registered for. It's a jogging stroller and I put it together and it's huge! It's a Jeep Limited something, and now I'm thinking I should get one of those universal car seat carriers like Is anyone going to have more than 1 stroller for one child? I feel kind of silly having 2 especially since we saved the money of not having to buy a stroller already. Also, if you live in a relatively small space, will you have a monitor? We are moving from a 3 story house to a one-floor apartment next month (military). I'm saving $$ not buying 5 baby gates and a a PnP.
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Re: So much baby gear

  • I had more than one stroller for my DD when she was born.  I had a Maclaren for when she could sit by herself and then I had an Eddie Bauer Travel System.  H bought me a Jeep Jogger but I returned it, it was not my style and the Maclaren fit way better in the trunk of my car and was easier to handle.

    I think the quetsion you need to ask yourself is 1.) what will I be using the stroller for and 2.) how often will I be using the stroller.

    I never knew I would never use my travel system.  And I mean I can count the times I used that thing since it was huge, even though it was the 'lite'. 

    As for the monitor I did not have one and we lived in a two bedroom apt.  I thought it was a waste of money because we lived in such a small apt.  I would not pass on a PnP though honestly.  DD would nap in that thing in the livingroom and I could move her around [since it had wheels] also I would take it with me to visit family.  DD would sit in it and play with her toys so it is beneficial but not all babies love sitting in it.

    As for the snap and go I hear great things about it.  My only concern would be you would use it until your baby no longer fits in the infant car seat.  DD moved to a convertible car seat at 6 moths, we are tall people, and her feet were dangling out of the infant seat by 6 months. 

    Sorry this is long but I am sure moving, having a baby, and organizing everything can be stressful.  Maybe some of th emoms who have younger babies can help a little more, my DD is going on 6 so she is pushing her 'babies' in their baby stroller now :)

    Good Luck!!!

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  • We use our travel system frequently (we have the Chicco). It does take up a lot of room in the trunk but it was really handy to just pop the infant carrier in and out of it and we still use it as our main stroller now. We also have a Maclaren that we received as a gift but haven't started using it yet. 

    We live in a small apartment and don't use our monitor. Our LO makes sure we can hear him. :)  We have a Graco one that we received as a gift and hopefully will be able to use in the future.

    I also recommend a PnP. It is nice for travel and even in an apartment it is nice to have a place to contain your LO once he's mobile so you can shower/use the bathroom. DS also wouldn't sleep in his crib for 4 months but would sleep in either the PnP or the Rock and Play so it was handy for that, as well. Some come with a changing table part that would come in handy for middle of the night changes in your bedroom, too. 

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  • There is so much guesswork! Things that the baby will or will not like. Thanks for the advice!
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  • We live in a 2bdrm apartment. We do have a monitor and a PNP. The monitor was a gift and not returnable (discontinued). I only use it when I'm in the shower and H is not home. This happens MAYBE twice a month. I could totally live without it. The PNP we do not use at home (DD has slept in her crib since day 1), but we do take it to visit family. I don't trust hotels to have clean non-recalled cribs, so I'm very glad we have a PNP and don't have to worry about where DD will sleep.

    There is so much guesswork! Things that the baby will or will not like. Thanks for the advice!

    My advice is to wait. There was a post recently on the Jan11Moms board about things you regret and several people (including myself) regret buying so much stuff in advance that we didn't really need. BRU, Target, and Walmart will all still be there after you have the baby. Trust me, after a week or two you'll be looking for excuses to leave the house.

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