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XP Dec: Nutrition focus at prenatal appts?

With our CPM, we spend a significant amount of time talking about diet and excersize. I am at a good weight & am not considered over/underweight. The CPM considers this part of her standard practice. I am curious if this is a common protocol with home birth midwives?
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Re: XP Dec: Nutrition focus at prenatal appts?

  • I'm seeing a CNM, so I can't really speak for home birth midwives, but diet and exercise has been discussed at all of my appointments so far. I am also at a healthy weight.
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  • I talk about nutrition a lot with my MW.  Its not about making sure IM not gaining too much weight, its about making sure I am eating the nutrients my body and baby need. Its very normal, and is a sign of a good MW. 
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  • My CPMs had diet and exercise tracking sheets that they evaluated at eac appointment.  At least 50% of my appts were spent evaluating what I was eating and what nutrients and vitamins I need to be getting more of.  I am also a normal weight.
  • I am required to do a 3-day diet history to discuss my diet, but this time around, I haven't had many discussions about diet and exercise yet.  But it may also be because I am an OB nurse?  Not sure.  But it is a part of my appts but not a huge part as of yet.
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  • My CNM spent most of our appointments talking about diet and exercise. It's actually why I switched to an OB- I have HG and didn't appreciate constant lectures about me not eating enough. It wasn't by choice and she wouldn't listen. 
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  • I see CNMs, but nutrition has definitely been discussed. At my 12 week appointment I brought in a 2 day food log and filled in a nutrition worksheet and we discussed it.

    Weight has been discussed since, but since my weight gain is good so far, she hasn't brought up nutrition again. 

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