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OBGYN in Jax?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and relocating to Jacksonville.  Can anyone recommend a good OBGYN and hospital?  thanks so much!!!!

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  • Not sure which area you will be moving to in Jacksonville. But I really liked Baptist South (Baptist Medical Center, South). The practice of Sekine, Rasner and Brock was recommened to me when I was pregnant and I really like them and their staff. (Again not sure what part of Jax you will be in) Dr. Brock ended up delievering my baby, and she was great!

     Good Luck on the move.



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  • What area will you be in? I have been researching for myself and I am planning on going to Baptist Beaches - but from what I hear, all of their locations are very good. I just found out yesterday that St. Lukes, while a very good hospital, does not currently have a NICU operating. So if anything were to happen you child would have to be transferred to another facility. 

    As OBGYNs go, the North Florida OBGYN group has great reviews. I'm going through Baptist Beaches to find one with admitting rights. :) 

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  • I loved baptist south.  they were great! for an obgyn i'd recommend north florida obgyn, Meyes, Greenhaw, Stoddard..
  • Thank you all!  We don't know where we are going to live yet...heading over this weekend to do a little neighborhood hunting:)
  • Baptist Medical Center Beaches Yes?my whole experience there was good. Nurses were great & my doctor was awesome! The NorthFlorida OBGYN office is located right across street from the hospital.
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  • I agree with the other ladies. I delievered at Baptist South and loved it. I go to at North FL OBGYN Mandarin location and have seen all of the doctors there and they are all great, Dr Greenhaw delievered. Baptist South is a new hospital and its very clean and the rooms are big. My nurse at Baptist South was absolutely awesome. I wanted to go natural and she helped me through those 12 hours. I also was determined to breastfeed and they allowed me to do so. DS had jaundice and had to be in the incubator for 8 hours and instead of bottle feeding him they allowed me to pump and the nurse helped me feed him with a syringe. He stayed in the room expect for a few tests, by our choice but they would have taken him if we wanted, and when he was out they let daddy stay by his side.
  • I just transferred from Dr. McDyer/Dr. Andres (don't use them!) to Dr. Kim VanScriver with A Place for Women off of Butler Blvd. Dr. VanScriver has her own practice and is the backup OBGYN to the local midwife center "Fruitful Vine" so she is very open to alternative birthing methods. I really like her so far.
  • I'm also using North Florida OB/GYN at Baptist South (Greenhaw, Greenwald, Stoddard, Blankly, VanBennekom..)

    Their practice is great and the hospital is very nice.  Dr. Greenhaw delivered my son :)

  • I went to Sekine, Rasner and Brock. I liked them. Had them at Baptist Downtown. Also, Faben and Associates in Baptist Downtown are great. They are very caring. I had a miscarriage and they hugged me when they saw me afterwards. I think they felt I needed a hug. I did. It was nice (LOL).
  • I also go with Sekine, Rasner and Brock. I love Dr. Brock, but chose to use their midwives for prenatal and delivery appointments :) 
  • I absolutely love Womens Physicians Group, Dr. Baird.. The are centrally located with 2 locations. They have one by St. Lukes Hospital and one by Baptist South. 
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  • I absolutely love Womens Physicians Group, Dr. Baird.. The are centrally located with 2 locations. They have one by St. Lukes Hospital and one by Baptist South. 
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  • I cannot recommend  Sekine, Rasner and Brock.  I went to Dr. Brock as my OBGYN for about five years.  I also saw Dr. Rasner once in a pinch.  Although they both are lovely people and Dr. Brock has a WONDERFUL personality, their office staff will drive you crazy!  It took two days for my phone calls to get returned.  My paperwork was never sent to other doctors until I requested it twice.  And the worst part, you wait at least an hour to two hours after every appointment time.  I would say use that office if you have all day to wait there.  Oh, and the office staff is rude too!  I truly wish Dr. Brock would get a new staff and I'd be back in a heart beat!
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  • I recommend Baptist South hospital and North Florida OB/GYN (Drs. Greenhaw, Stoddard, Greenwald) as well! Dr. Greenhaw delivered my son and I'm using them again this time around :)
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  • I also go to Dr. Baird at Women's Physicians of Jax (www.wpjax.com).  He's awesome - and was who my RE referred me to - if Dr. Baird is good enough to deliver the child of a fertility doctor, then he's good enough for me!
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  • I too go to that office and i love them thus far. I was a patient in 2004 and Dr. Evelyn delivered my baby when they were at "Fruitful Vine" Im loving there new office off Belfort.
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