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First foster placement, eek!

First foster placement tonight -- boys 13 and 9. Any tips on breaking the ice with them and getting past some of the initial awkwardness?

Re: First foster placement, eek!

  • pizza, ice cream, board games, or family video games(if you're more techy)..



  • So exciting! Good luck!
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  • CheleChele
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    Good luck!
  • Find out what they like to do and maybe have a family day golf, catch a movie, play baseball/batting cages, go on a picnic.

    Tommorow night  maybe have a movie night with make your own pizzas or ice cream sundaes...

     Just a though. Sending you tons of luck and fun!



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  • oh good luck!
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  • Thanks guys. These are some good ideas. Something I didn't mention in my OP is that there's a bit of a language barrier -- they don't speak a whole lot of English. So after I'd showed them around the house and introduced them to everyone, there were a lot of awkward silences while we all tried to figure out what to say... I'm sure we'll settle into a routine within a few days.
  • Good luck! Everything will go great.  When we had a 10 year old, we played family video games with him and it worked well!
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  • oh how awesome :))) Good luck! Let us know how they settle in!
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  • I personally would skip the ice cream. Too much sugar in a new place can create some issues you might not know about. We've always limited sugar intakes in our house.
    Oh, Savannah! Your brothers are THAT bad!</p>



  • Lots of luck!
    I'm sure you'll do great!
  • Good luck!

    A few tried-and-true tips:

    1) Spend a few meals in a resturant or nuetral setting, like a park picnic or Dennys. (This especially works for older kids on the first few nights home). We always liked to get to know them and talk about family rules befre brining them home, so it was less intimidating

    2) Let them "decorate" their rooms. Offer a board or place to hang photos, (perhaps of birth family) or artwork, school assignments etc. We always set up the room prior to the placement (when we had notice) but then would go to the store together to pick up last minute items. Letting them select their own bedding, clothing and toiletries restores a sense of empowerment and normalcy

    3) During your family group meeting (between social worker, birth family, possibly you, CASA worker etc) find out what the kids enjoy, so you can utilize that in your home. If you can't find out---ask!

    4) Do group activies, like board games or visit the zoo.

    5) Finally, allow plenty of "downtime", and identify a place in your home when your foster children can go to spend a few minutes of along time. This could be a special tree outside, their bed, the family den downstairs, etc.

    Hope this helps~!

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  • How exciting!  I don't have any advice to add, I just wanted to wish you good luck.

    Please let us know how it's going after you all settle in!

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