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Successful Induction :-)

Mason?s Birth Story March 1st, 2011 - Mason?s due date. At my weekly doctor?s appointment, one week before my due date I was almost 2cm dilated, 80% effaced and the baby was at -2 station. After a week of cramps and what I later found out was contractions I thought for sure more progress had been made. But when Dr. Martinez checked, my stats were exactly the same. So we scheduled an induction for Thursday at 6:00pm. March 3rd, 2011 ? Danny and I woke up and decided to have one last outing (without having to worry about a babysitter) alone. So we went to Main Street and saw Just Go with It and ate lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. We came home, took a shower, loaded up the car and headed to my mom?s house to drop off Spike for the weekend. We were there for a little while and then were finally headed to the hospital. 6:00 pm - We were registered and checked in quickly and were sent to the second floor, Maternity. Here we were greeted by a security and told to have a seat to wait for a room. There was a big Heat game on that night so Danny was hoping to have a room by 8:00pm to watch the game. I thought we would have a room within thirty minutes. Little did I know that we would have to wait over 7 hours! During this time I cried several times thinking to myself that I would never get to meet my baby Mason. March 4th - 1:30am ? After calling Dr. Martinez and having him speak to the nurses, we were finally given a room. By the time we were settled, I changed, had an IV and cervidil started it was 2:30am. Of course, we were both exhausted so went straight to sleep. Or tried to sleep?. Danny was sleeping on what felt like a bag of gravel, and I was too anxious, nervous and excited to sleep. 6:30am ? Danny?s cell phone rings and it?s my grandparents asking what room we were in because they were there to visit. We had only slept 4 hours!! Around 8:30 am little by little the rest of the family started to trickle in and it was a full house in that tiny little room. 7:00am - My nurse for the day comes in to introduce herself and ask me 100 questions. Her name was Gladys. When she told me her name my eyes watered immediately as I thought of Abuela Gladys. I had said a little prayer to her the night before when I was scared and worried about delivery. From that moment on I knew that Abuela was in the room supporting me. 10:00am ? Dr. Martinez arrives, removed the cervidil and broke my water. He commented on how much fluid I had, which really surprised me. I wasn?t expecting so much and remember thinking to myself, "Thank goodness my water didn?t break on its own while I was out and about somewhere." At this point I was about 3 cm, 90% effaced. As Dr. Martinez walked out he said we would start pitcoin soon. That made me panic! I?ve heard how intense pitocin can make contractions so I immediately asked for an epidural. 11:00am- The nicest anesthegeologist came in and gave me an epidural. While she was giving me the eqidural, I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my nurse, Gladys. I felt a trickle and told the nurse and she told me it was normal to feel this small trickle. Quickly this small trickle turned into what felt like an open faucet and there was so much liquid that it was pouring onto the floor and all over Gladys' feet. I was cleaned up and started on pitocin. 1:00pm - Danny, my sisters, and Roy were in the room. They were keeping me entertained by being silly and dancing to songs on you-tube (which we have great videos of!!) :) I was slowly becoming more and more tired, so everyone left the room and I took a short nap. The nurse came in periodically and each time I had progressed more and more. It was going much faster then I had anticipated. 6:30pm - Gladys checks me and I am fully dialated and ready to start practice pushing. At this point my mom and Danny were at my sides. Mari, Vane and Maruchi are watching from the back of the room. Then I needed help holding my legs up (because that epidural was just amazing!!) So Mari came to my side right next to Danny. Mari probably got the best view of the "action" (aside from Dr. Martinez). 7:00pm - Nurses changed shift and Gladys had to go... I almost cried. A nurse named Jen took over, who was an absolute sweetheart!! Dr. Martinez finally put on his gear, I knew Mason would be in my arms any minute. I pushed with every contraction as people placed bets on when the baby arrived. I thought with each and every push I would see Mason soon... little did I know it would take an hour. 8:02pm - Baby Mason finally arrived!! He swallowed a lot of fluid and Dr. Martinez took a few minutes to get as much of that fluid out of him before putting him on my chest (it was the longest few minutes of my life). Finally, Mason was put on my chest and his little eyes met mine. I just stared at him in awe. It was love at first sight!! <3
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