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Rough Fathers day

So DD and I are in morocco visiting DHs family while hes deployed, its been great so far, except today. We werent toegther last fathers day, but today all of DHs brothers are here, along with the one who has a wife and husband is the only one missing. I feel so bad for him and DD that hes not able to be here, times like these are the hardest. Its hard enough to be around ppl who look just like him and to be in the house he grew up in and see things that remind me of him..... It makes me miss him more and more....

Last night DD woke up when her cousin and uncle came in, and my BIL looks just like DH, I felt horrible she had the first look of excitment, then confusion then saddness once she realized it wasnt her daddy.....she really thought it was DH....I felt horrible....I miss him and just want our family back together again 

Sorry for the vent......just felt a little alone 

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Re: Rough Fathers day

  • Aww, that is sad. Hope your H comes home safe and sound. The time passes quickly, but I feel bad for your kid. You're lucky to be somewhere cool though! We are stationed in Germany right now and I REALLY want to go to Morocco.
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  • I can relate to part of your post bc DH and I are in Iraq right now and our son is with family back home. He knows we will be there next week and is excited :D He is with family and his uncle, who looks JUST like DH, came over to the house to visit and he keeps staring at his uncle saying "you look like my dad." I wish our leave days didnt get pushed so we could be home already :-(

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  • WOW I cant imagine being away from DD, i know my husband feels better knowing im with her atleast, I cant imagine how it feels to know hes not with either of you...


    have a great leave, you guys deserve it!! 

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  • Me too...... I came home and am visiting my family. It was great to spend fathers day with my dad and FIL. But I was sad that my hubby ( the other son) was missing and not there. But I guess I represented us well. And at church older friends would say happy fathers day to my daddy and then so nicely tell me to thank my hubby:)
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