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Unexpected delivery!

we found out at 35 weeks that our bubba was breeched, and that unless he turned, we would need to have a c-section. We elected to wait it out and see if he would turn on his own, but nope...so we decided to schedule a c-section for May 10th at 39 weeks.

On the evening of May 4th, I was sitting in our living room talking to my belly and I said "Brayden, this is your mommy. Consider this your eviction notice. You have one more week!" My hubby & I laughed about it, then went to bed. This was around midnight. 

20 minutes after laying down, I started to get what felt like really bad gas. I thought I was constipated and had to poop, so i got up to use the restroom. Sat down and a little trickle of fluid came out. I didn't think anything of it. Tried to poop, but couldn't so i just went back to bed. Kept getting woken up every 10 minutes or so with a dull ache in my tummy. I got up to poop 2 more times. Finally at about 3am, i woke my husband up and said "I have been having bad cramps for the past 2 hours. I think I need to call the hospital." 5 minutes of questioning later, and the nurse told us to come on in for an "evaluation". 

We get to the hospital at 3:30am, they hook me up to a machine and lo & behold..nurse states that I am definitely in labor. Having contractions every 3 minutes that are lasting a minute each. The nurse checked my bag of waters and i just felt a big gush of water and I was already 4cm dilated. They did an ultrasound to check if bubba had turned, but nope, still head up.

They told us to call our families since I was going to be prepped for surgery! I was rolled into the surgical area at 5am, given a spinal (That SUCKED) hurt SO bad but then almost instantly, a warm tingly sensation started to spread down my legs. The surgical room was FREEZING and they covered me in warm blankets, but i still shook like crazy. They strapped my arms down and my hubby held my hand, talking to me the entire time, helping to keep me calm.  I was intensely shaking, a reaction to the spinal & probably some nerves!

All I remember after that was hearing my bubba cry for the very first time, my husband stood up, took one look and said "he's perfect", i started to cry and that's the last thing i remembered.  Apparently, I was shaking so uncontrollably, that the doctor's had to knock me out so that they could stitch me back up! I woke up about 20 minutes later, apparently tried to text friends and family that our bubba had arrived, but do not remember that at all must less any conversations that I was having with family. lol

Our beautiful perfect son arrived at 5:35am on May 5th, 2011 @ 38 week, weighing 7.1lbs, 19inches. 


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