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For Pregnant Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen (Airwomen?)

I don't know how many here are in the same boat as me, but if you are a pregnant miltary woman, with a VA disability, or who are in your two-year post deployment window, the VA will pay for a breast pump for you. I don't know if active duty Tricare covers that, but I know the Reserve stuff does not, so it's good to know. They buy it outright, it's yours to keep, and your choices are top of the line.

Re: For Pregnant Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen (Airwomen?)

  • So, if I've deployed within the last 2 years I get a free breast pump? If so, that would be pretty neat!
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  • I am not in the 2 year window but I do get VA disability. Do you get the pump through the VA hospital?
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  • Yes to both of you! Just talk to your case manager or primary care provider. My best friend has no disability rateing, but just got back from deployment a year ago...she found out about it and told me. I have been back for several years, but I have a disability, and they told me all I have to do it pick it up just before my due date (or as soon as possible, if wee one is early).


  • If you are on AD, you can go to a working mom's breast feeding class, and they will give you a brand new pump, free. You just have to attend the class after the baby is born. It's a brand-name pump that usually costs about $300
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