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I'm glad to see there's an active ND board now!  I don't think this was here when I first joined TheBump.  Anyway.... I'm from ND, born and raised in Mandan.  I left the state for a while, but I've been back for about 3 years, once again living in Mandan. I'm married, no kids yet, but we're trying.  Unfortunately, I miscarried recently, but we're going to jump back into trying in August.

As for the flooding, we're renting a house along 1806 south of Mandan, but we're clear of the flood zone.  I hope everyone else is staying dry, too! 

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  • I grew up and live in the Bismarck area but am out of town to the NE so no flood worries here.  I am due the end of August with my first.

     Good luck on trying again!

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  • Good luck to you both!  It took us a long time to get our sweet boy but it was worth all of it!  We're high and dry by the capital grounds.
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