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AF laughs in the face of plans

I had a pesky visitor (yes, I mean you AF) on both my wedding day and the weekend *minimoon* we had right after.  I've been off BCP for a few years, ever since the wildly changing hormones contributed to tumor growth.  Though benign, they are painful and can hide actual malignant tumors so we use alternative BC (DH jumped on board once he realized the craaaazy mood swings were mostly the pill's influence...mostly).

ANYway, now we're on our real honeymoon.  In the beautiful Old City in Istanbul.  I planned it so AF wouldn't be here.  And the little twerp showed up 9 days late--just in time to be part of the experience!  So much for any hope of getting KU on our honeymoon.  Not that I'm not still enjoying our time here :) it just would have been extra-special to try for a LO.  I guess practice makes perfect though.

Has she ruined any of your plans? (Besides the obvious BFP, I mean)

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Re: AF laughs in the face of plans

  • AF was around for my wedding day! And my HS AND college graduation. And for my wedding I planned the day around having her. When we were planning I pushed it back 2 weeks than what we were planning (we were thinking 3/6/11 and got married 2/19/11 JUST in case) and what happened? Oh .. she showed. Wanted to join the party I guess.
  • Yup.  AF came on my honeymoon too, and the week after.  We had a beautiful room in a B&B, oodles of time, no TV, and her.
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  • Ha, she ruins my plans every month just by showing up :(

    But she did decide to make an appearance 2 days late just in time for our honeymoon.  I spent the entire day we were traveling with horrible cramps and a headache. 

  • Well let's see, I am 36 and she made her first appearance when I was about 12 so... YES! She has pretty much ruined something or another every month for the past 24 years!!!! AngryAlthough I was lucky enough to have her escape my wedding day, she still persisted to come visit the entire two years I was on Mirena (guess I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get no AF).

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  • i went to a week long camp every year from 7th grade through 12th, and i think i had AF for 4 or 5 of those weeks at camp. 

    i would have had it at my wedding, but i planned my bcp to skip it that month.. same with the honeymoon DH and i took a few months later.  stuipd AF trying to trick me, i outsmarted her!

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