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Mild allergies.....

Just confirmed that DS is severely allergic to peanuts, but also has a mild allergy to egg whites and soy.  What does a mild allergy mean? That he can have it but in moderation? Or do I need to avoid it all together? He has had tofu before and I never noticed a reaction.  
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Re: Mild allergies.....

  • I'm pretty sure that a mild allergy means that you can have baked foods that have eggs in it.. just not scrambled eggs.  You can make muffins and cakes that have eggs in it. 

    My son has a "mild" allergy to milk and soy and my allergist said to start trying it in baked goods. I did and he had a full reaction so we stopped. So i think it also depends how your child reacts to that allergen. 


  • I have a "mild" allergy to soy.  I can have soy sauce, tofu, and soy lethicin just fine (note that the soy is fermented in these cases -- a drastic change to the proteins).

    Soy bean oil (even in trace amounts), soy protein isolate, hydrolyzed soy protein, edame, soy beans, and soy milk (cooked or cold) causes a horrible reaction (abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, throat and mouth swelling).

    As with most allergies, the more you expose yourself, the worst the subsequent reactions.  So, I would suggestion reading those pesky ingredient labels carefully and avoiding the soy bean oil and other stuff.  Soy lethicin should be fine.

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