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Hi, so I am 11 weeks and plan on living off of the pool this summer. :) Since I will be in my second trimester all summer, should I get a maternity swimsuit or would a regular one work fine? 
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Re: Swimsuits?

  • i just bought a regular tankini the other day. i may need to get a real maternity suit come august, but this one seems like it will grow enough with me to be okay. i made sure the shorts had some give and room in the drawstring to be let out a bit.

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  • I think it really depends if you feel comfortable showing off your belly... I am almost 21 weeks and I went to walmart to get a cheap bathing suit because just like you I plan on living by the pool...

    I dont know if this is happening to you but my boobs are growing so fast and what I did was get about a size or two bigger on my top because I know they are going to grow into it. I thought I got the right size for my bottoms but come to find out my ass is growing just as much as my boobs. The best thing about two pieces is that you can adjust the swim suit with your belly...That is of course if you get a string. I dont know if this will help but I hope it does.

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  • QmommyQmommy member
    I would get a regular one for now (a size up) and if you find that you need a maternity one later, go shopping!  
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  • I think it really depends on what is going to be most comfortable for you.  I plan of living at the pool as well so I am going to get a maternity bathing suit just so I'm comfortable but you have to cover your beely anyway so it doesn't really matter.
  • I ordered a plain black full piece suit that looks pretty average and will stretch to fit the pregnancy. This is for our vacation. I also bought a maternity suit from Target. It is a tankini that is black and white and has just a plain bottom. I didn't buy the bottoms because I have many here and hopefully I will be able to stuff myself into them. But when we are in the pool here I don't care what I look like as long as we don't have guests.

    I did wear my normal one piece for DS's swim lessons until about 20 weeks.

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  • jenb_99jenb_99 member
    I bought a maternity swimsuit this weekend, but at 17 weeks I still haven't grown into it. The bottoms are droopy, and the tank part is way too loose. It's basically like wearing a loose tank top. I think I'll go back to my regular one-piece until it no longer fits.


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  • I tried on a plus size regular bathing suit, it had an overlay suit and a liner.

    Looked alright definitely comfortable.  I hope to get to enjoy some time at the beach.

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  • Leia358Leia358 member
    As long as my regular bikini still fits me I plan on wearing that.  I'm going on vacation in late July so I know I will be growing A LOT over the next couple of months so my opinion may change by then!  As the others state, it just depends on what you feel comfortable wearing.  I may decide to opt for more coverage when my baby belly really starts sticking out but I would still like to get tan as much as possible...so who knows!
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  • i'm not big, but the regular tankinis were too short. i felt like my gut would be hanging out...especially by august. i just got a maternity one from motherhood. its on sale now and they had my size. i know that if i passed it up, i wouldn't find one i liked later.
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  • Wow, thanks everyone. I think I will just get a maternity one now. I know I'm only 3 months but it seems like they would be the best option, that way I don't have to go get another one. (I'm sure DH would not be fond of my spendings on so many swimsuits. lol) Thanks again.
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  • I bought a regular tankini; the maternity swimsuits were too big, and I'm in my sixth month!
    I have no idea how long it will last, but it's just a tankini top from Macys. It's super comfortable!

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