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NBR Disgusted with the home buying process

I don't know if any of you gals who have recently bought homes have gone through this, but after spending money on inspections, going  through the ups and downs of trying to sell our house and being emotionally invested I thought the Agent on the sellers side would have some respect for us!

I know that is the longest run on sentence known to man, but I'm so upset right now!

We had 10 days left on our contract and I just found out they are accepting another offer and only giving us 3 days...

Really, you couldn't just give us the 10 days so we could have our two open houses as stated in the contract?!

Sorry for the rant, I'm just upset Sad

Re: NBR Disgusted with the home buying process

  • Realtors are shady shady people. They are only out for their own cut. Be firm, and don't let them walk all over you, they are not your friend. We are in the process of buying a duplex as a rental, DH laid it all out to the realtor last week (he was blunt and brutally honest yet professional), she called a few days later with a major change of tune. Good luck to you!
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  • Good for your DH!

    We found out even more shady stuff over the weekend, can't let my guard down for a second...

    Hopefully we can get a buyer on our townhouse soon, I'm looking forward to this being over!

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