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Help me choose a mommy necklace

I'm having trouble deciding between these two. I'd personalize it with kidlet's name and date of birth.

#1 - there is also an option for an all-silver version instead of two tone.

Golden Leaves...... Hand Stamped Brass Washer Necklace with Sterling Silver FamilyTree Charm

 #2 Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Personalized Three Disc Layered Necklace

On the second one, I'd choose a different image (not a paw print) or a small birthstone gem, the second disc would have his date of birth, and the last disc would have his name (first and middle). Fonts are interchangeable, so don't pay attention to that part.

ETA: #3 This is the all-silver version of the tree necklace. I'm pretty sure you can get either version of the tree charm in it.

FAMILY TREE...... Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Washer Necklace with Tree Charm
Which one do you like better? I can't decide!

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Re: Help me choose a mommy necklace

  • I really like the first one a lot. Where is that from? I'd get it in all silver, but I never wear gold. Although, the more I think about it, the more I think it might be better if you had multiple kids . . .

    I don't really care for the style of the second. 1) because it's kind of ubiquitous and 2) because even without the paw prints it reminds me of dog tags (the tags of actual dogs, not military IDs)


  • #1. I dig the tree.
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  • I was looking at those same pieces as potential mother's day gifts for MIL, but decided to wait so that our child could be added.

    I really like the tree one best though - on all silver or all gold (not two tone). 

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  • I like the tree one, too. I wasn't sure if it would be odd to get it with only one kid's name on it, but whatever, I can do what I want. :P

    Link to the seller.
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  • i <3 the first one. i kinda like two toned jewelry, even though i have none!
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  • I like the first one in all silver a lot.

     My mommy necklace is this:

    It has J's initial on the front, and I got his birthday engraved on the back. Luckily, it's 1-11-11, so it's easy to engrave on a small space!


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  • I like the tree one, too, and really like this whole idea. I might steal it from you. SmileI assume you just add more charms for each subsequent kid?

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  • I'd choose the first design.  Very unique.
  • i'll be the voice of dissent and say #2. if you look on my FB page you can see the one I got for mother's day which sounds similar to what you are thinking for that design. Intentionally Me is the seller I got it from on Etsy.

    i spent two friggin weeks agonizing over which design to get and finally decided on this one for the fact that it would be easy enough to accomodate kid #2 just by ordering another disc. (replace the smaller tag that has H's birth date with kid #2's name without having to get a whole new necklace or send it back to add a name.)

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  • mcatmaymcatmay member

    Love the first one, with the two tones.


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