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XP- Birth Story- My "natural" c-section!

So I didn't think I would post a birth story, figuring no one would care to read it anyway, but I think my story is a wee bit interesting.

I was induced at 40 weeks 6 Days because my baby was measuring 9 lbs and my blood pressure was through the roof. I checked in Wednesday night and was supposed to start cervadil, but they realized I was already in labor (I thought I had a stomach ache!) so they started me on a low level of pitocin instead.  The next morning they kicked the pitocin up to high gear to really get things moving.

Around 2:30 pm I finally asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist gave it to me and it surprisingly didn't hurt at all. The nurse was like, "Wow that was fast!"

So a little later I tell the anesthesiologist that I don't think the epidural is working and he ups my amount. A little after that I'm like, "It's still not working. I am feeling my contractions." He was a little snide with me and told me for my height/weight that I already had a lot of medication and he was like threatening me with, "Well I can try giving you a little bit more OR we can start the epidural all over again." I was like, "Just try one more time to give me a little more."

This time it worked... for like an hour or so and then started to wear off. I went through 2 more rounds of asking for more meds because it was wearing off.

By 9:30 that night I had not progressed at all and my baby wasn't dropping. The OB believed she was stuck in my hips.  My water had naturally broken a long time before and I developed a fever. We decided that I would need a c-section.

At this point a new anesthesiologist was on duty and it was his job to give me a spinal block. I explained to him that I thought I might need a higher dose of the meds since my epidural had been wearing off all afternoon. He was a little snippy with me and said I would only feel pressure.

They wheel me into the operating room and begin. Again, they said I would feel pressure. Well, I didn't feel pressure, I felt pain! I could feel them cutting and pulling. I felt like my entire stomach was on fire! I started screaming and the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to be put to sleep and I was adamantly against it. DH was trying to calm me down. I finally hear the baby scream and then they start fishing for the placenta and I lost control. DH said I was screaming for them to stop and flailing my arms around. The doctors had to pin my arms down and threw a nitrous oxide mask over my face to put me to sleep.

They kicked DH out of the room and he left with the baby for the nursery. I woke up an hour later in recovery all alone and FLIPPED OUT. I was like delusional and couldn't understand in my state why I was by myself. I thought something was wrong with the baby and I began hysterically crying for them to bring her to me. In my state I thought the nurses were lying to me about her being OK just because they wanted to keep me calm. They finally got DH in there with me and I was hysterically crying to him until he finally showed me pictures of the baby.

That's right. I saw pictures of my baby before ever seeing her in person.

Turns out that because I had a fever when I delivered her that they wanted to keep her under the lights until the doctor could check her. Well my doctor was now busy delivering another baby!

I didn't get to see Hannah until she was 2 hours old! 

It was certainly not the birth experience that I was going for, but she is a healthy little girl and have fallen completely in love with her :)

Re: XP- Birth Story- My "natural" c-section!

  • Omg that is scary. She is gorgeous congrats!!!!
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  • Aghh oh my gosh! That is insanity...did they ever tell you why they think the meds didn't work?? Crazy, but your baby girl is adoooorable!! She seems so animated for a newborn! Congrats!

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  • I'm sorry about the crappy birth experience but your little girl is absolutely adorable!
  • She's beautiful!
  • Wow. I am so sorry that happened. With #1 I got to see her right after she came out via cesction but didn't get to hold her or see her again for 4 hrs.  I am glad that you little one is doing good.
  • That is so scary!  But I have to admit that is one extremely adorable baby.  Glad your LO is doing well :)

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  • mcatmaymcatmay member
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    Insane and scary - i'm so sorry you had to go through that! Absolutely ridiculous! However, your little girl is absolutely perfect - congratulations and hope you feel better soon!
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  • WOW!!! thats crazy. Hope youre feeling okay now!! Glad you and baby are ok! Shes beautiful!

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  • Hi Tiff!

    Wow, that is scary as hell. I hope you're doing well now. Hannah is just the most precious little girl! 

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  • I am sorry that happened to you. I would sue the sh*t out of them. They were not listening to you. 
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  • I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I think it is every woman's worst nightmare. 

    Your daughter is beautiful.

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    This.  I would not give up until you have answers.  I'm so sorry for your experience.  Your daughter is beautiful!

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  • Awww Tiff!! I am so sorry you had to go through that.  I'm glad that you and beautiful Hannah are both ok!! Congrats again!

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  • Tongue Tied Yikes!!! Your little girl is beautiful! Congratulations!!!!
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  • redsheredshe member
    OMG, sorry you had a bad experience.  But your little girl is so cute, Congrats.
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  • CMM05CMM05 member

    Wow! That is a crazy, scary story :( I'm sorry that happened to you. But your daughter is ADORABLE :) Enjoy her!!!


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