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What hospital did/are you give/giving birth at?


Re: What hospital did/are you give/giving birth at?

  • Do you love dr. oshea Im going to her as well, I cant say anything bad she has been nothing but wonderful!
  • I was delivered by Dr. Wilson (Atrium OBGYN- Canton, Oh), then Dr. Fortner (Atrium OBGYN) both at Mercy. #3 will also be deliever at Mercy by the amazing people at Atrium OBGYN. They were wonderful experiences, I got to call a lot of the shots- including leaving when I was ready to go home and sleep in MY bed!



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  • Akron General and I go to the Reserve for OB care.  My first child was born at a military hospital in Colorado, so I really can't say what Akron General's labor and delivery is like, but I've always gone there, before my hubby was stationed in CO, and so has my family members and they have always taken good care of my family and I.

  • Dr. Parenti delivered my daughter at Akron City. I love Dr. Parenti! She has a lot of personality, which I like. My experience at Akron City was hit and miss. I felt like the nurses were very hit and miss. My L&D nurses the day DD was born was wonderful. She was very sweet. For the most part my nurses in L&D were nice, but I sometimes felt like I was receiving inconsistent information.
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  • I was planning on delivering at Akron Summa City Hospital. Since I am new in the area it would be great if someone could recommend me a gyn/ob there? It would be comfortable if the same doctor would follow the pregnancy and deliver as well.


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