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I am due in October and moving to Fairbanks in December.   I have lived in Texas my entire life.  Any suggestions on items I should be registering for or can start buying now that will make it easier to have a new baby in such a different environment?

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  • A good carrier (or stroller with large wheels like the BOB) and a good carseat cover (we used the JJ Cole Bundle Me) to help keep LO warm when outside.  If you like being outside, I recomend getting the carrier and a larger coat than you normally wear.   Many people put their LO's in a carrier and just zip the coat over them.  A snow suit if you intend to take LO outside.  PM me if you want specifics.. I live in Anchorage, but I am in Fairbanks a lot and have family up there.
  • Fairbanks is super cold in the winter and 'hot' in the summer. I suggest getting Autostart on your car when you get up here. And a warm carseat cover. I do the large jacket/baby carrier move with my little man.

    I would recommend looking into things you should keep in your car in the winter too: extra blankets, snow clothes, first aid kit, etc. Cell phones have a lot of dark spots up here (important if you plan on leaving the Fairbanks area).


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