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Hi guys! I'm about 8 weeks pregnant with my very first baby! I'm new in town and I'd appreciate OB/GYN recommendations. I have an appt at Cheyenne Obstetrics and Gynecology over on House by the hospital this Tuesday. I was wondering if you liked your experience if you also went there? Who was your physician there? Or would you suggest another practice or physician? Thanks so much!

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  • a couple friends went there, they suggested it. i was going to, but my sister threw a fit because she went to the uw clinic. so instead of fighting with her over it, i gave in. i have my first appt in cheyenne next week. but i was really lookin at going there, theyd said the nurse is great. those were the only reccommendations id gotten. except uw from my sister. and they have the pediatrics there too slo you dont have to change. theyre there when the baby comes i guless. let me know how you like it there. and good luck.  
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  • I go to Cheyenne Women's Clinic...Dr. Hinkle to be exact. I love her. She's been super great. I had my dd 8 weeks early and she was great when I had her. Then I had a miscarriage in November on the same day I buried my dad and she was super great with that too. They've really grown since I first started going there. There are 5 doctors there now, but I've only ever seen Dr. Hinkle. Oh wait, I saw Dr. Story once when I was pg with dd, but other than that, it's been all Dr. Hinkle. I love her.
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