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taking deep breaths.....3 under 2

I'm pregnant. Unexpectedly pregnant.

I just took a pregnancy test and it immediately turned positive. I'm freaking out!

I think I'm about 5 weeks but I can't remember if my last AF was a normal AF or could have been spotting. I'm still BFing so I didn't really pay attention or keep track since none of them have been "normal" periods anyway. I'm not even sure of the first day of my last period. ugh...I feel so irresponsible.

I can do this, right? If my guess is right, the baby would be due Jan. 1....two weeks before the girls turn 2. I'm so afraid I won't be able to give everyone the attention and nurturing they need and deserve.

I'm so afraid my body is just done. It is so tired. Miscarriages, surgeries, a MAJOR surgery, shots, pills, twin pregnancy, GD and insulin, c-section, BFing for 15 months (and going). My body can handle another pregnancy right? I'll be 38 when the baby is born!

I'm in desperate need of encouragement. I am excited and happy but am so scared and overwhelmed. I lost two other pregnancies likely due to a hormone issue, so I fear this may end the same way since I didn't take any fertility meds or progesterone.

Sorry....I know I am a rambling mess. My head is spinning!!

Re: taking deep breaths.....3 under 2

  • You CAN do it!  *hugs*  You've had twins, you know how to  set one aside and take care of the other.  That is the hardest part about having a lot of small ones.  That is a singleton mamas biggest worry when they get pregnant with multiples and you already know how to do it and that it's okay. 

    Involve your girls.  Call the baby "your baby" to them and give them ownership.  This has been very helpful for us.  "Megan please be quiet, you don't want to wake up your babies". 

    You will find that as you let it sink in and start planning in it your head, that it will work out.  And I'm sure your girls will absolutely love having a new baby :)

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  • Best wishes to you. You can do it. I am crazy though, I would have another baby now if I could. DH had a vas.
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  • OMG!  Congrats!!!  I am sure you'll do great.  You just need some time for it to sink in.  ;)

    After 2 rounds of IVF & 2 rounds of FET, we were blessed with identical twin girls!

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  • Congrats!!!!!! You can do itttttt!!!

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  • Congratulations!!! Just like it took time to get used to twins, this will get taking used to, but you can do it and you will do it well. 

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  • I had my youngest 4 days before my twins turned 2.  You can do it!  I adore the relationship my boys have together!  I had people telling me all the time that we were crazy and now my sister who was the biggest one who thought we were nuts now wishes she did the same.
  • Congratulations! You can do it.  It won't be easy but your kids will like it.  My brother and I are only 15 mos. apart and I don't ever remember him not being around - I thought it was great when I was little.
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  • Girl, I absolutely know how you feel. My LO will be here in September when the boys are only 20 months old. I freaked the EFF out when I found out I was pregnant (like sobbing crazy mess-it wasn't pretty). I get nervous every time I think about keeping my sanity with 2 toddlers and a newborn! But, guess what??!! WE CAN DO THIS! We have had twins.....our bodies have gone through hell and back. This pregnancy and newborn will be a piece of cake compared to what we have gone through! I firmly believe that twin moms are stronger than singleton moms. We do what we have to do....well, because we have to!

    Call you doc asap and see if you can get on progesterone supps. My progesterone was on the low side of normal for this pregnancy (although I didn't realize I was preggers until I was 7 weeks Embarrassed ) so my doc put me on progesterone just in case.

    And congratulations to you! It's pretty awesome to think that after all the IF treatments (I did 4 IUIs and one IVF) our body finally did what we wanted it to in the first place. :) I hope this is a healthy and easy pregnancy for you!

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  • Congratulations! It's a lot to take in right now, I'm sure. 
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  • You can do this. My dd is 20 months older than my boys and even as young as they are, I love that they are all so close. They will have those bonds forever and that makes me so happy.

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  • Thanks everyone!

    Now that I'm over the initial shock, I'm really excited! I know it will be a lot of work, but it will be so worth it to have another little one. My DH and I knew we wanted more children - I just didn't expect it this soon! It may actually be better this way. They will all be close in age and the longer I waited between pregnancies, the more likely I would have needed surgery again to get pg.

    I am really excited to experience a singleton pregnancy. I worried so much with the twins for a number of reasons. I hope that I'm able to enjoy this pregnancy a bit more! I can't wait to make sure everything is ok and to find out how far along I am. Thanks for the support! 

  • It's not a easy road but, you'll do just fine.  You do what you've got to do.  Congrats hon!

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  • WOW!  I think that's so amazing- congratulations!  We were away this weekend so I haven't been on. 

    You'll be great!  What a great surprise for you and DH!  I totally understand your anxiety and I think it's so great that some of the other Moms reminded you that your kids are already used to having a sibling so it's one thing you've go under your belt. 

    When do you go for an u/s?

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