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LO Lazy Days

Does anyone else's LO have "lazy days"? He's got a pretty consistent one day on, one day off schedule. One day he will kick up a storm, and the next day, it's like he wore himself out and just takes it easy. I still feel "squirggles", but not the major kicking. Very strange.
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Re: LO Lazy Days

  • I'm not sure if it's lazy days as much as it just may be the position they are in at any given point in time.

    When lo was breech-I had much less movement. Now that she's in the right position-she moves all over the place, and even has less room.

    So, I think how they are laying has a lot to do with what movement feels like. Not saying your baby is breech, but probably just all snuggley!  

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  • Yes.  My OBGYN calls them lazy days.  She told me if I get worried drink something with caffiene and see if I get 5 kick counts in 15 mins.  If I did not then call back right away.
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  • My LO started doing the same thing at around 35/36 weeks.  He'll be super quiet with only small, infrequent movements for a day or two, and then he'll move practically nonstop for the next couple days.  I thought it was really weird, so I mentioned it to my doctor, and she said it's totally normal.
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  • My little guy does that too. He will be all squirmy one day and then really quiet the next. I think it's because he doesn't really have that much room to move around anymore.
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