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Suggest a vehicle

As I stated in an earlier post, we have a Ford Mustang w/ windows that won't stay up and a Mistubishi Spyder Eclipse (convertible)... We are DEFINATELY in need of a new car, and have been searching for the past month w/ little luck... this is our first LO soooo we don't need triple seats (

We are searching for a vehicle, preferrably a crossover, with the following criteria:

(1) cargo space to put large dog and keep separate from baby while driving on long trips for family visits

(2) more gas mileage as opposed to less (obviously)

(3) made within the past 4 years

(4) the less expensive it is the better it is

(5) trying to not to go big like an expedition or anything

We are not fans of the Ford Flex look and we definately don't want to switch to a minivan yet, but the Mazda CX-9 is cute... ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS???

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Re: Suggest a vehicle

  • My ex has an 07 Toyota Highlander that I LOVE! It has great cargo space and isn't huge.
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  • Have you looked at Kia or Hyundai? They have crossovers/small suv's and are generally less expensive than other makes/models.
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  • I love my Toyota RAV4. Great financing deals going on right now, has cargo space for your pup, small SUV, good gas mileage, and less than $25,000 brand new.
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  • You sound like a perfect candidate for a Chevy Equinox.  Pretty good gas mileage for a small SUV (we average about 22-23 mpg--highway and (too much) city combined).  Good amount of space in the back and seats fold for even more cargo space.  Lots of leg room in back too.  We have in 08 and love it.

    Normally, I'd highly suggest going used.  However, prices are up right now and you can get really good financing deals on new cars.  FYI...I'd avoid any car from Japan (Honda, Toyota, etc) right now.  Prices on those are rising due to obvious reasons.

  • I don't know about the expense factor (we bought ours pretty tricked out with leather interior, heated seats, chrome finish, etc... and it's almost double the MSRP) but we LOVE LOVE LOVE our jeep patriot  It gets 23 mpg city, 29 highway, plenty of space for everything we need to lug around (been cleaning house and bringing stuff to storage unit).   
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  • we have a mitsubishi endeavor that we love!!!!  we just have the 5 seater, and the trunk space is HUGE!!!! and everything is very roomy without it being to bulky:)

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  • chevy equinox.
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  • Subaru Forester.  That's what we're looking at right now, as we've outgrown our VW Golf.
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  • The CX-9 is a good option!  As I said in your other post, we have a CX-7.  Cargo space is good, but leg room in back seat is limited.  I was actually thinking of upgrading to the 9.  That Traverse is nice as well.  Friend of mine has Toyota Traverse and loves it.
  • I love my Honda CRV. I have a 2009 and my dad has the 2007, so I've spent a lot of time driving and being a passenger. Gas mileage is much better than what I expected, so we actually take it on road trips instead of my husband's smaller car.
  • I purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano and love the space in the backseat and in the trunk area. It's a crossover, so it's not really high up like normal SUV's and it drives very smoothly. I purchased mine for under 20K and I typically get 400 miles per tank which I think is at either 18 or 20 gallons. Pathfinders are also a possibility considering the distance between the trunk and first row of passenger seats that would be needed. Obviously I love Nissans!
  • I have a Chevy Traverse and I love it! Since GM owns Mazda I think it is prob similar to the CX-9. Mine has a third row but I haven't used it and there is TONS of space with the seats laid down flat. We bought ours used with 15K miles about a year ago and haven't had any issues. I have also owned an Equinox but it didn't have the space we would need for baby. The gas mileage would be better but the space isn't there.
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  • Not sure on your budget but the GMC Acadia's are very nice. 

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    I really really want to get the Passat Wagon. I have heard great things about them and they get much better gas mileage than a crossover would. Something to think about too.
  • I have a Nissan Xterra and LOVE it.  We looked at getting an Armada a couple weeks ago for the third row but glad we didn't because I drive really far to work. The Xterra has tons of truck space- I keep the travel system stroller in the back at all times and always have plenty of room for groceries or anything else.  However, the back seat is a bit tight for adults but great for kids!

    My brother and SIL have a Subaru Tribeca that I love.  We may end up getting that because it has 3 rows and the legroom in the back seat is awesome.  My 6'4 hubby can ride in it no problem. 

     Good luck!!

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  • We just got a Hyundai Santa Fe. We LOVE it. 

    We are only a one car family though, so we had a VW Passat before and was worried about traveling with her in, because even though it was a nice size, we knew that our things plus hers would never fit. Growing up, my parents had two cars and they would drive separately with the cars stuffed to the brim. So we figured a bigger car would be an ideal solution, since there will only be one. (And one insurance and one gas bill--lol) 

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  • Try Subaru's.   A bit of an offbeat choice, yeah.   They're all wheel drive, some models are even have some flex fuel options.  They're made very very very well and are safe, i would know because i've been in an accident in a subaru and walked away without a scratch, and my car wasn't really banged up either as it should have been.

    We have a new legacy and volkswagon GTI,  I feel my baby will be safe in them.

     The new Outbacks are actually really nice looking and totally don't look like the old wagons from the '90s.   And also the new Tribecas.


    My husband still has a legacy from the 90's with almost 400k miles on it, and that puppy is still tearing up the highways like nobodys business.

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  • imageSoxgirl07:
    I love my Honda CRV. I have a 2009 and my dad has the 2007, so I've spent a lot of time driving and being a passenger. Gas mileage is much better than what I expected, so we actually take it on road trips instead of my husband's smaller car.

    just bought a 2011 honda cr-v lx model.  love, love, love it!

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