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Sterilizing a used pump...

Is it safe to sterilize a used pump? I bought one from ebay that said it was new but it wasn't in a sealed package. I checked and the buyer said they'd purchased it on discount at a local drug store but I am not hesitant to use it. Medela booklet says you can sterilize the parts in boiling water but I'm a bit concerned, do you think that's enough?

Of course, baby's safety is most important - I just couldn't afford the full size double pump I needed for $350 and found this one for $200.


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Re: Sterilizing a used pump...

  • Do you have a steralize option on your dishwasher? That's what I did with mine.
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  • Where the parts also unwrapped? My worry would be that if they were, they may have been used...did ebay owner break the seal, or was it broken at the drug store (in which case they sold it illegally)?

    You can buy new parts, but you can't sterilize the motor in single user pumps. But if you feel confident it really wasn't used, boiling water is probably enough to just generally clean it. Personally I decided not to go the used/opened route...but everyone has their own comfort levels (and I'm a germaphobe).


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