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Tricare and prenatal testing help!

Hi all. We have Tricare Standard and I was looking on the website, but couldn't tell if NT scans are covered. Am I correct in assuming the doctor would need to write a referral for the scan in order for it to be covered by Tricare? Any help would be great! Thanks!

Re: Tricare and prenatal testing help!

  • Your doctor needs to activate global maternity.  The NT scan will be covered as long as it is medically necessary.
    m/c @ 6 weeks - March 2013 
    m/c @ 5 weeks - April 2013 
    m/c @ 7 weeks - December 2013, D & C 12/27/2013 
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  • I have Standard and my 2 NT scans (they had to re-do it to get a better measurement) and anatomy scan were covered.  We paid zero out of pocket for prenatal care and under $100 for labor & delivery (I had a c-section).


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