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Tulip Fields GTG tomorrow!

So it looks like we might have sunshine tomorrow morning, and according to the bloom map, lots of pretty flowers!  I'm thinking we could meet around 10 a.m. at Roozengarde, since it's not too far off the freeway and easy to find.  You can pay $5 there to get in (which includes free parking), or, according to the festival website, pay $4 at other designated lots and get into Roozengarde free (look under the "Parking" section for details). 

I thought we could mosey around looking at flowers and attempting to take memorable photos, and then perhaps hang out in town for lunch somewhere cheap.  I'm happy to amend the plan if there are differing opinions.

PM me if you are planning on going and want my phone # so we can meet up.

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Re: Tulip Fields GTG tomorrow!

  • We'd like to go.  And I already have your number. :)

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  • I went today and it was great! Have fun!

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  • We may be in depending on Lila. She seems to be coming down with a cold. If she's not snotty in the morning then we'll try to make the trip. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • I will not be there! I have never been so sick in my life. But please feel free to bring me by a top pot doughnut your way home!
  • Have fun ladies!  This week my days off were switched for training, so I'll be sitting in a class in lovely Everett :(
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  • I can't make it, unfortunately. Have fun, can't wait to see the pictures! And Katia, hope you feel better soon!
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  • crap, one day I could actualy make it and cant get up there that early.  If you are there for a few hours I might see you!  We plan to head up closer to 2pm.

     If anyone heads up later, lemme know! 

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  • Just wanted to recommend Calico Cupboard for lunch. DELICIOUS!
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  • I might be, depending on how much I get done tonight.  I'll send you my # on FB
  • Emma and I should be up there too!  Thanks for organizing!
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  • I will see how the kids r tomorrow. I will facebook ya
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  • and i'm out. Trying to get N to sleep in our bed so I could get a coat of paint on was a disaster.  I'll be painting tomorrow while he's at daycare.
  • We went on thursday and it was great.  Make sure to bundle up though and check out tulip town if you get a chance!!!


    Have fun!

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  • I think we're out.  Lila is just waking up and her cough sounds horrible.  :(  Boooo on many levels.

    Have fun! 

  • Sad news, keri1013, IHHM, and preston18 (and whomever else I missed)!  Hope you guys are able to have some fun today otherwise.
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