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Update on Jeremiah...not the news I hoped for :(

So, we just got to meet with the neonatologist about little Jeremiah.  We were hopeful that he had "wet lung syndrome" but it turns out that is not the case.  The x-ray this morning confirmed that it is respiratory distress syndrome, and unfortunately there is no guess how long it could take to get better.  They are leaving him on CPAP at least another day, if the x-ray looks better in the morning then they'll move him to a nasal canula.  At least on that we will be able to hold him.  But, they said to expect him to still need oxygen for a few more days.  Apparently he gets so agitated at simple things like a diaper change that t hey have to up his oxygen just to calm him down to get through that.  So, he'll be on oxygen until he can get through normal daily activities without needing the extra help.

He's also dealing with some jaundice.  Apparently he's got the "normal" jaundice issues but also another jaundice issue.  Apparently my blood type and his blood type clash, and my blood that crossed the placenta is killing his red blood cells and thats making things worse.  The dr said that there was nothing we could do about that ,but it does mean at least a couple of days under the lamps.

The POSITIVE news we heard this morning is that they upped his feeding.  He's now eating 1oz every 3 hours (by feeding tube) so thats good news.  My milk still hasn't come in, so he's getting tiny bits from me and formula for the rest.  But at least he's tolerating food!

So the dr said we're looking at probably 3-4 more days at least before Jeremiah will be able to go home, but that all depends on how he does.  The girls are loving having Nana and Poppa around and are being sufficiently spoiled.  They're coming to visit me this afternoon in their bumble bee costumes, I can't wait to see them. 

I hope everyone has a great halloween!!


Re: Update on Jeremiah...not the news I hoped for :(

  • Aw.  I am so sorry you didn't get the news you had hoped for.  I am glad they upped his feeding.  I hope everything else works itself out sooner rather then later.
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  • I'm saying my prayers for you, Jeremiah and the rest of your family!!!!!
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  • Oh no :-(

    At least it sounds like an end is in sight though! I hope your whole family can be comfy and cozy at home by the first of the week! I know seeing the girls in their costumes will brighten your day!

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  • I am sorry to hear Jeremiah is not doing as well as you hoped for, but at least he is in good hands and the doctors know what they need to do to get him ready to go home with you. My thoughts are with you all!

  • I can't imagine how it must feel to been dealing with all of this!  Hopefully Jeremiah gets to come home soon & you will get to enjoy spending time with all of your family!
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  • Sorry that it's not the news you were hoping for, but it sounds like he's under some great care. Hopefully he will show some improvement soon so you can get to loving on him and bring him home!  I bet your girls will be so excited to see you today.
  • I'm sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for :(

    It sounds like in a few days though he'll be much better.  I know it's so hard to see them like that, but it's amazing how quickly things change and how strong they are.  Eli was on a CPAP for a couple of days too, and then had a nasal canula.  That was a great day!  And he had jaundice too, but just had a few days with his bili blanket.  They look like little glow worms!

    Stay strong and hang in there!  He'll be home in no time.  And just keep giving him whatever BM you have, every little bit helps.  I know that's very frustrating, b/c you want them to be getting all the BM they can.  But he'll be fine and it won't be long before all of this is a distant memory!

    I'll be keeping you guys in my prayers! 


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  • I'm sorry you didn't get the news you were hoping for! But it sounds like he's making progress, which is good! Hopefully all of you will be home in no time!! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!!
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  • Sorry his diagnosis isn't the best but at least it doesn't seem like the doctors are worried about his recovery, and hopefully he is all better soon!  You're family is in my thoughts!
  • I hope he gets better soon!  Poor little guy.


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  • I'm really sorry that you didn't get the news you were hoping for, but it does sound like he is making some progress each day.  I can't imagine how hard it is not being able to have him home, but it's for the best.  You are all in my thoughts. 

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  • I'll keep you guys in our prayers! I hope his little lungs work well soon!
  • I'm sorry the news wasn't what you were hoping for. But it sounds like he is making some progress. I hope he gets better soon!
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  • I am sorry you didn't get the great news you hoped for, but it sounds like he is making improvements and hopefully all of you will be home soon! You and your family are in my thoughts!!
  • I hope he is better and home soon!  We'll be thinking of you and your family.
  • Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that.  I'll be thinking of you and your family.
  • Hope he continues to improve.  A visit from the girls will hopefully lift your spirits!  Happy Halloween!

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  • I am so sorry, jones.  You guys are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • Oh my goodness!  I'll be thinking of you guys and praying for you.  I hope Jeremiah improves quickly and that he'll come home soon.
  • Oh Boo - sorry it wasn't the news you hoped for. But at least you have a time frame to work with now. Hopefully little J is going to bounce back from all this in a quick manner so you can get to hold him. Prayers and hugs!
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  • Lots of prayers for you and sweet little Jeremiah! I hope you get to hold him and snuggle with him very soon.
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  • I hope he is breathing better soon and you all get to hold him as well.
  • Oh no, poor little guy!!!!!

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  • You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I hope that he is better soon!  You all are in our thoughts and prayers!
  • Wow! I was OOT for a week and missed you having him! I hope he's off the oxygen and feeding without the tube soon!
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