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Any NoDakers or DW ladies here?  I know the DW ladies are on the PB, but I feel an obligation to try to keep this board moving.  Anyone have Easter plans? 

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  • no easter  plans here.  DH and I went to MN last weekend for Palm Sunday, He works all weekend for easter.  So it will be me, the dog and Grandma.

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  • That's a bummer!  We don't have much for plans either.  I know we should for Ian's first Easter, but we've got so much going on in the next few weeks that its our only free weekend.

    So how are you acclimating to ND?  

  • Sorry about the delayed reaction...  ND is good.  We are in the process of getting approved for a loan and htem will start shopping ofr a home.. So that is stressful with the market out here. 

    How was your easter?


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  • We had a quiet Easter with just the 3 of us.  How was yours?

    I know the real estate market is absolutely crazy out there.  If you need any help with sorting through it, let me know.  I was an attorney for a title company in Fargo for years.  But I think for you, the biggest hurdle will be finding a place. But do look at the Bank of North Dakota website, they have some good deals for rural properties or first time home buyers and other programs.

  • Our Easter was good.  Lots of food and fabolus weather. 

    We have looked about everywhere, thanks.  We will hopefully get pre-approve for a morgage on the 5th of May and then start searching hard.


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