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Pre Natal Massage Therapy...any suggestions

I'm only in my first trimester ( 9 weeks) but my lower back, mainly my sciatica has been killing me.  I can hardly walk at all sometimes.  I've tried stretching, my hubby has rubbed my back, I've taken hot showers to try to ease it but nothing seems to help.  

Someone suggested  a pre natal massage- does anyone have any suggestions in RI?  I'll travel anywhere in the state at this point if it helps with this pain!!



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Re: Pre Natal Massage Therapy...any suggestions

  • I have had the same problem through my whole pregnancy (I am 31 weeks now).  I go to Jobi or Doreen at massage envy in Cranston.  They are awesome and it totally helps!
  • I am not sure about massage, but I see an acupuncturist and I love it.  She has treated me (and all my friends I refer to her) for about everything.  It is super relaxing and helps with blood flow to the baby.  Her name is Dr. Baldt 
  • I saw Dr. Draeger at Scituate Family Chiropractic during my last trimester and it really helped with sciatica.  I also went to Massage Envy in Cranston and saw Stephaine.  She was wonderful and it really helped with the pain.  Good Luck!


  • I have been having muscle spasms around my spine, and also have scoliosis and Fibromyalgia. I've been doing chiropractic adjustments, and have also gone to see Kaeli Sutton at the Motion Center in Providence, she's AMAZING. Highly recommend getting both done :-)
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