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2nd Trimester

Anyone have shortness of breath & heart palpitations?

I had to go into L&D on Monday for this and they didn't find anything.  I am experiencing this again and really don't want to go to L&D again.  Has anyone experienced this?  What did your doctor say?


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Re: Anyone have shortness of breath & heart palpitations?

  • I have experienced this... I'm healthy as well... It's just the pregnancy. :P

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  • I had heart palps before getting PG and they were still pretty heavy first tri...they've gotten better now. But..I also knew about the palpatations before pg and they put me through all sorts of tests to determine that my heart structure is all I wasn't really worried about it.

    As for shortness of breath, it happens all day everyday, started a couple of weeks is taking up space and lungs must be squished or something along those lines. Sorry...i"m probably not much help am I?

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  • I should also add, when I wa sin for my scheduled u/s they thought I was having contractions which is why they sent me to L&D but turned out I wasn't.

    Tank you again for the replies!

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  • Good luck. Just one word of advice...worrying about it makes the heart palps worse...easier said than done I know, but try to just breathe deep and think about something else when you feel them. But,...I'm not a doctor and don't know if yours are serious or not...I can only give advice on my experience and I know that mine are not. Good luck again!
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  • I had this and my doctor told me to completely cut out all caffeine from my diet.  I usually only had one glass of soda or tea a day, but drinking only water/juice seems to have helped.
  • I had palpitaitons before pregnancy.  I had what's called WPW (wolf parkinson white sp?).  It's basically an extra path in my heart that caused me to have an extra heartbeat every once in awhile.  I had surgery in May to correct it.  They used a laser to zap the extra path.  I no longer have WPW, but after the surgery I was still feeling the palpitaitons.  I wore a holter monitor for 24 hours (basically like an ekg, except portable) and everything was normal.  The cardiologist said that everyone has palpitations, I was probably just more aware of them because of the WPW.  I got pregnant my first cycle after the surgery.  I've been having the palpitations again.  They haven't been so bad lately.  Cutting out caffine really helped me.  Also, the pp was right, try not to worry about it, try to think of something else/distract yourself.  That seems to make it go away faster.

    I've also had the shortness of breath, but not too often.  Mostly after I eat and my cat is laying on me.  I chalk it up to the baby taking up more space and my lungs getting squished.

    Either way, I would mention it to your OB, just so he/she's aware.  Mine wants me to follow up with my cardiologist, just to make sure everything's ok.

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  • I feel like I get the palpitations when I eat too much. Strange but it could all be in my head. My doctor says it's completely normal.
  • I have a hard time breathing all the time! My inhaler helps once in a while but if I lay on my side, particularly my left side, Ive noticed my breathing gets better.  When I sit thats when I notice I get shortness of breath, I must be running out of space already for everything! lol
  • I have a leaky valve and get them a lot, along with shortness of breath, dizziness and chest pain. My OB is keeping an eye on along with my PCP, but if it continues after pregnancy for you, you might consider an EKG.
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  • I've had shortness of breath and a fast heart beat too. It is apparently normal...when it happens i just try to take it easy until it passes.  if you've already gone to the doctor and they ruled out anything serious, just try not to stress about it....i know, easier said than done.  =)
  • I had this before PG and it continues now.  If you are really concerned, ask to have an EKG done (takes a few minutes) even just to put your mind at ease. 

    I agree with the pp explanations, but I wanted to add that sometimes anxiety attacks feel the same way.  If you are waiting for a palpatation to happen and then freak out when it does (I've so been there), you are really just getting yourself worked up into an anxiety attack situation.  Just another explanation to consider. 


  • I've had palpitations and SOB for quite a few years now. Got checked out a couple years ago and was found to have a caffeine sensitivity and slight heart murmur but basically normal. I cut out caffeine (except chocolate!) and that really helped the SOB but continue with palpitations on occasion, which may be a little worse now with pregnancy, especially when I go to lie on my right side. My OB just said to let her know if it gets worse and she'll send me to their cardiologist but I'd pretty much go through the same tests I had prior (EKG, Holter monitor, etc). I'd say cut out caffeine as a start and just keep a watch on the palpitations.
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