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Exercise After Baby Drops

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have continued a strength training class three days a week as well as running 6.5 miles on the elliptical about 5 times a week. The baby seems to have dropped overnight and now I am concerned about his little head when I run. Anyone else continue their exercise routine right up to the end? 
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Re: Exercise After Baby Drops

  • Running was out of the question for me... felt way too off balance.  However, I strength trained until 36.5 weeks and walked up until the day before I delivered.  My doctor said that all of my exercise and walking helped the baby get into position.  LO was very, very low and only took four pushes to get her out.
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  • I did, I actually went running the day I went into labor at 39 weeks 4 days. You should be fine since you have been doing it your entire pregnancy, unless of course you are uncomfortable, then you should stop.  Listen your body and your doctor.
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  • Thanks, all. More than the physical aspect, I think the exercise has kept me sane throughout this pregnancy!
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  • I was able to run daily until I went into labor at exactly 40 weeks. I didn't have any issues.
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