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  • I'm not sure I understand your question, do you mean right before getting AF or generally in the entire period of time before AF returned? 

    AF didn't return for me until I quit pumping and was only nursing at night and in the morning (after Coop was a year) so maybe I can't answer your question? 

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  • Not that I recall, but I'm not one who normally has breast sensitivity due to AF anyway.
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  • image KNJepp:
    Not that I recall, but I'm not one who normally has breast sensitivity due to AF anyway.

    Same here.  AF returned when DS was 9 months old.

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  • My weirdo body didn't get af until months after being done BF, so this isn't first-hand knowledge.

    I can see how it could, if you are one that is prone to breast/nipple tenderness during PMS.  However, if you aren't, or if AF doesn't start soon, I'd get checked out to rule out thrush.

    Hope it gets better soon.

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  • My AF returned at 5 and a half months when I was still EBFing. It was right after she dropped her nighttime feeding for good. I'm sooooo lucky.

    No sore nipples although my supply did drop and she nursed a TON because of that.


  • the day or so before mine started (11 months) I started having uterine contractions like the ones I got while breastfeeding after her birth. Those little tightening twinges that I got as my uterus was contracting. I didn't think about it as it was happening, but I'm pretty sure it was all related! 
  • I didn't get AF until I stopped so it was about 11 months postpartum. BFing only hurt the first few days and when I was super full for me. Otherwise I didn't find it painful at all. And even when I was super full, there was a bit of relief with the rubbing a sore muscle.
  • thanks y'all.  we're having a lot of sudden pain while nursing & I'm looking for any possible explanation
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