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Promise you all don't think I'm nuts

My bleeding has subsided to almost barely there.  So I went from spotting to flowing to spotting to practically nothing.  Is this a joke? I don't want false hope.  This is absolutely maddening.

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Re: Promise you all don't think I'm nuts

  • Have you tested?  I have to say I had that last month and thought for sure I ws pregnant.  Turned out I wasnt, but I sure hope this means you are!:)  Good luck!
  • I wish I could test, but I pee so much that it isn't concentrated enough. 
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  • Holy moly the rollercoaster you have been on is horrendous-somebody stop this freakin thing!  Honestly, I am amazed by the state of your mental health right now- you are such a strong woman!  Praying that this still could be it for you!
  • Did you speak to your nurse when the bleeding started more-so today?
  • Oh my goodness. You definitely do not meet the definition of nuts, and even if you did, I'm pretty sure any of us would be teetering on the edge of insanity if we were in your shoes. You sure have kept it together.

    I'm putting it out there to the universe to pleeeeeeaaaaaase let this be your cycle. I hope this crazy train ends up in a very happy destination for you! :) :)

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  • @Kelly---RE nurse said to keep hydrated and take it easy until beta

    @Tosh---I've been patiently waiting for you to say something in a very big, happy post Surprise
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  • Oh my! You are certainly not nuts!  I would probably have already gone back to camp out at the RE's office until they could test! Now that might qualify as nuts!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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  • JMayJMay member

    Ditto Tosh re: "putting it out in the universe" for Amanda!  And Amanda, you are anything but nuts!

    Ditto Amanda re: waiting for Tosh's post...

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  • Oh girl. First I want to say how amazing you have been to everyone on the board. I am so hoping that this isn't the end for you. Much love to you and those little ones.
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  • I am wondering if it might be a SCH (sub chronic hematoma). It is very common in IVF patients. That's why I bled for 4 weeks. Sometimes it was spotting, sometimes it was a flow, sometimes it was nothing. It ranged from brown to bright red with clots. Of course I don't know for sure since I'm not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but it sounds like a possibility. GL! Trying testing with FMU tomorrow morning.
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  • Thank you so so much everyone.  I really feel so out of control. I feel like I am walking the plank every time I go to the bathroom.

    @Amer...Thanks you so much for your info.  I am a habitual luteal phase spotter, but this bleeding is very irregular.  I am keeping a pee stick and a cup in my bathroom so when I wake up at like 4 am, I can do it then.  Thank you.

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  • You are so not nuts!!!  I am glad that you are still in the running for this cycle!  I hope that you get a big payoff for all of this trouble that you are going through. 
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  • are definitely not nuts.  I'm still praying and crossing my fingers for you and hope you are not out.  Keep us posted on when you POAS in the morning.  GL!
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    IVF #2.2 for Feb '11 - Gonal-f, Repronex, and Ganirelix
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  • Hang in there Amanda!  I promise you none of us think you are nuts.  I really, sincerely, hope that after all this you get your BFP.  You deserve it!!!
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  • You are not at all nuts!!

    I can't imagine how you are holding up so well right now.

    Hang in there, lady!

    The joy of his first LC cupcake!


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