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free calorie counting website?

does anyone know the name of some good free websited for calorie tracking? TIA

Re: free calorie counting website?

  • is good - I was using it before I got pg and have the iPhone app which is upper easy to use.
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  • has both a free version and a paid version. I've done the free and it has soooooo much food listed on it!
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  • OMG, i just did and had no idea just how many calories i was consuming..i only have 200 left and thats only becuz i worked out. man i'd hate to see how many calories i'd consume if i wasnt watching what i eat!
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  • is a pretty good one.  You can track calories and they have SO many restaurant's foods in there.  You can also customize your own recipes.  It will also tell you how much your burn doing activities/working out.  It's great I have been using that site for years.  They have an iphone app, too.
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  • i am using its for breastfeeding mom :)
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  • I have used a few of them, is my favorite and it has a iPhone app...

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