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They're biting...both of them...

Dang it. O bites and pulls. Eeek. It hurts. I spend half my nursing session with him yelping everytime he decides to go all Hannibal Lecter on me. S just chomps toward the end of his meal.

They are both drooling like crazy and chewing on their fingers/fists/toys. They grab our hands and stuff them in their mouths and chew. They both have runny/stuffy noses too. Sheesh, could they be teething already? I hope not because my boobs are not ready for that.

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Re: They're biting...both of them...

  • My girls started with the chomping and gnawing and ava's first tooth poked through b4 she was 7 months...but I seriously was convinced they were teething at 4 (hopefully) you have a little while yet!
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