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normal/not normal? DS has a blowout almost every day?

His diapers are the right size, but he pretty much poops once a day and it is almost always a big one.  I think this is pretty normal, but today his teacher asked if he was had lactose intolerance because of his "diarrhea" everyday?  He also has reflux, but continues to spitup a lot, so she thought that could be part of the reason too.

I like this teacher, but she is fairly new to the infant room and tends to be a "worrier" (kind of like an MIL who always assumes something is wrong!) 

My first reaction is just to say-- he just spits up a lot and has big poops.  Sorry, if you have to change him more than you'd like, but that's how it is!  But maybe there's more to it.  I also EBF, and I would give up dairy if he was having problems, but it doesn't seem like I need to go there just yet.

ETA:  Based on the poopy clothes I've been cleaning, I'd say the poop is normal, she was just calling it diarrhea.  It is runny and goes everywhere!

Re: normal/not normal? DS has a blowout almost every day?

  • i think totally normal if baby is ebf. My LO had always had atleast one blowout per day (also ebf) until she started purees too. Then it kind of stopped.
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  • don't BF babies have looser stool in general?

    DD was FF but I remember that once we switched to exclusive FF her poop was a littler drier than when we were BF?  She may just not be used to the differences

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  • My DD went thru 9 wks of daily blow outs.  No they're not normal according to the dr.  They ran multiple tests on stool samples and found nothing causing the diarrhea.  We tried switching to Soy at the time b/c supposedly the gut can retain the nutrients more in soy products.  It didn't help. Then one day she stopped and had firmer BM. Maybe your DS is teething?  Maybe he's just going thru a phase like my DD did.  She wasn't in pain it was only an inconvenience to those who changed her.

    Changing BM diapers is part of DC's job.  If he's not harming other babies with a contagious disease she can downplay the severity.

    Also, on a side note...if you need to go here.  To obtain a runny stool sample is difficult.  We had to put plastic bags inside DD's diaper to catch it.  Otherwise, the diaper would absorb it up. It was very uncomfortable for DD.



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  • For my DS, what you describe was normal.  My DS has reflux and before he was on solids only had one really big poop a day or every few days (normal for EBF babies).  Once he started Prevacid, after Zantac stopped working, he did spit up less.  I did cut out dairy for 7 weeks just to see how things would go and his reflux did not improve and we still had the same diaper schedule. 

    To address the blow-outs.  Diarreah is described as many watery, dirty diapers per day and dairy intolerance (lactose is a totally different situation) is indicated by green and/or mucusy stools, possibly with blood and would likely result in multiple watery stools per day, not just one (  We use cloth diapers during the day and Target's Up & Up brand  at night and almost never have blow outs (Luvs worked for us too; Pampers and Huggies were a mess).  If a different brand of diapers doesn't work you could put a cloth diaper cover on over his regular diaper to hold the mess in.  The DC can use the same cover for the day until it gets dirty.  They would have to save the diaper cover once it got dirty for you to wash for the next use.  HTH!

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  • Does your LO have diarrhea every day and have you ever had it tested for something else? DS had diarrhea every day for a while with blowouts. After a couple of weeks, we did a full fecal panel and found out he had C diff. I would get it checked out just to be on the safe side if this goes on long term.

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  • I had ebf babies and they had "big poops" too :)  Do you think that he might have a food sensitivity?  Maybe you could try cutting out dairy, etc. to see if the poop/spit up lessens at all.  But it doesn't really seem to be cause for concern! 
  • Is the poop normal, or is it actual diarrhea?  My son has always had huge poops, but he also didn't go everyday.  We had a friend who's baby was just a few weeks older than our DS, and he has 3-4 blowouts per day.  Is he the only EBFbaby in the room, maybe she doesn't understand that EBF poop is runnier than FF poop or solids poop.  I personally would not worry about it, but if you are you can always call the pedi and talk to the phone nurse, he/she can decide if it is normal.

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  • Huh, I don't know if this is normal or not.  My son is right at 6 months and it seems like he is coming home from daycare in a different outfit at least 3 days a week from poop blowouts for the last few weeks.  He has always been a prolific pooper (2-3x a day and rather loose).  He's been on the same formula for months and we have been feeding solids for 1.5 months.  I asked at daycare if we needed to change diapers and they said no, the diapers seem to fit ok and they change him every 2 hours.  He is super wiggly during changes so we think maybe the diapers aren't being fastened tightly enough.  Also he is rolling and army crawling all over the place so that may be contributing to it.

    Maybe similar things are going on with your LO?  I guess I should bring it up at our 6 month doc visit.

  • DD had a lot of blow outs at that age, and even though the diaper box said she was in the right size, her teacher recommended going up a size and that stopped the blow outs.
  • For your DS' age I believe it's normal. 

    When DS was younger he always had blow-outs (EBF). FWIW I tried a bunch of different diapers to try and help the blow-outs and the Huggies Naturals seemed to be the best.

  • DD was like that and BF. Terrible blow outs every day. At 2, we took her off dairy just to see what would happen and she was intolerant. I wish I had tried it earlier. It can't hurt to go dairy free for a week or two and see if things get better. We didn't need to cut food that had dairy in them (everything does!), just the real dairy like cheese, milk, ice cream, etc. GL!
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