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i'm off to bed.  there is more snow a-coming and ice to follow that.  Tomorrow is going to RULE as far as commuting.  Looks like Oisin is getting Annie's ravioli for lunch, since it eliminates me having to make something.  Grab tupperware and spoon, open can, dump half in tupperware, cover.  that's lunch done!  LOL

Chat you all you lovelies tomorrow.

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Re: Nighty-night

  • Night night Wee!
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    Waiting anxiously for someone to come home

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    IUIs #1 & 2 BFN, IUI #3 chemical pregnancy.

    IVF cycle 1: ER 8/27 10R, 8M, 6F No frosties for us, none survived to freeze

    Two transferred 9/1

    First beta 247, second beta 487. 9/20 Twins!

    Grow little babies, please, please continue to grow
  • Good night Wee!

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