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BF after breast reduction

Has anyone had success breast feeding after a breast reduction? I had a reduction 8 years ago. I am expecting in a few months and have no idea whether or not I will be able to BF. Is there any indicator that would give me a sense of whether or not I will be able to? My dr doesn't really know. I just dont know how prepared to be (i.e. buy pump and BF accessories or not).

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  • I'm expecting my first baby any day now and also plan to attempt breast feeding after breast reduction. I would recommend that you read Defining Your Own Success by Diana West and check out the website

    Good luck 

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  • I did not have a reduction, but had mastopexy with implants in 2005 and again in 2009 for a repair.  The mastopexy surgery is very similar to a reduction in regards to the way they handle the nipple/ducts. 

    Someone from this board recommended that I get my surgical notes and take them to a lactation specialist.  I did get my surgical notes and am crossing my fingers that I will be a BF success. 

    I am 28 weeks and have not had any indication that I would be able to breast feed...until tonight!!!!  I had a teeny-tiny bit of leakage on both sides... i rejoiced!  I plan on going to the La Leche League meetings locally too for assistance.  Because I haven't been sure if I could BF I had planned to RENT one of the hospital pumps (it's $70/month here and insurance will pay for it if we've met our deductible)...until I find out if the BF will work for me.  If it does, I've put aside some money to afford my own pump after the first month.  It's much easier to spend $70 once than $300+ if I'm not sure it'll work ... at least for me. 

    Good luck...I hope everything works perfectly for you! 



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