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How long to keep up the rewards?

We started the 3 day PT boot camp on Saturday, and DD is doing great! We're rewarding her with stickers and an M&M (2 for a poop..hehe). I have no problem keeping this up for awhile, but wondered at what point should we stop. I don't think they're doing rewards at DC, so that should help, right?

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Re: How long to keep up the rewards?

  • I stopped the candy rewards after the first 2 weeks because my son would go to the bathroom sit on the toilet do nothing and then decided he he wanted a lollypop for that. (I have promised him if he goes a whole week with going to the potty he can get a lollypop but that's because my kids don't get to eat a lof of candy. He hasn't done that yet so no more candy rewards.)

    We have a book for Big Boys who goes potty with a sticker chart and he still gets those now its for daily rewards rather then every time he goes potty.


  • With my older DD (younger one still not trained), we started scaling the rewards back after about 3 weeks.  She was getting 1 Skittle for pee and 2 for poop.  After about 3 weeks we moved to a sticker chart - she got a sticker for each day she was totally dry (didn't count night time although she night trained first) and at the end of each week that she had all stickers, she got a bigger prize (we had picked up a bench and some small gardening things at Target).  We kept that up for about 5 weeks although really could have stopped sooner.  The 2 times that she regressed, we did the reward chart the same way for about 2 weeks to help get her back on track.
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