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Costs of Daycare vs Nanny


Did anyone look into the difference in cost for a daycare vs a nanny? Also, what made you choose one over the other? I have my mom watching our baby boy 2x per week when I go back to work in April, but we are trying to figure out what makes more sense for the other 3 days.

Any feedback would be helpful.


Re: Costs of Daycare vs Nanny

  • I didn't do a comparison because I knew that I didn't want DS in daycare, but we pay $10/hour and have a young girl watch DS 5 days/week.  8-5.   ($1,800/mo) She doesn't have like 20 years of experience or anything as that kind of experience would cost more hourly but she does a fantastic job with DS. 

    I'd check out or if you end up looking for one. 

    A daycare would be much less (maybe $1,200???) I really am not sure though. 

    You may also have a challenge with a daycare and 3 days/week because unless you can find someone to share your spot you may have to pay like he's in there for 5 days/week.  Again, that's just what I've heard.  Good luck.

  • I have not looked in to a Nanny but Daycare cost on average about $300 a week or $60 a day if it is less then full time.
  • I have not been able to find a daycare that offers part time care for a young baby.  DD is 8 weeks now but will be 13 weeks when I return to work.  Even though I will need 2 to 3 days a week of care I would have to pay as if she was going 5 days.  Because of that, Daycare is actually more expensive than having a sitter.  If anyone knows of a daycare that offers part time for that age group, please post!
  • The lady I was talking to is called Poohs Pals, She does part time in Poway.
  • We do three days a week at daycare for about 1000 a week. There are places that will do part time but not all you have to call around. Dont forget to check out multiple places. One of the first places we checked out seemed ok until we say saw what else was out there. 
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  • I checked into it because I'm in the same boat as you.  I only needed 3 days a week.  Here is the catch: Most daycare centers require you to pay for a full week for an infant (even if you only need three days).  On average, they were asking between $250-$300/week in my area.  Depending on how many hours you needed a nanny, it could be about the same price for a nanny three days a week @ about $12/hour. 

     I ended up finding an in-her-home daycare provider who only has three children currently.  She's only charging us for the three days we're using (rather than full week).  Otherwise, I would have gone with a nanny.

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  • I pay $1800/mo for a nanny (live out).  It's M-F 8-5 $10/hour.  She is very good but is young...not a "career nanny".

     I would think find a sitter/nanny part time might be cheaper than a FT day care. and are great sites.

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