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Anyone deliver at Mary Wash in Fxbg?

I was wondering if anyone has delivered at Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. This is my second child but we were in Ohio when our first son was born. I'm familiar with the hospital (I've grown up in the area) but I don't know anything about their maternity services. TIA!
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Re: Anyone deliver at Mary Wash in Fxbg?

  • I did!   I had no complains about the care we recieved.  My L&D nurse was awesome.  He spent time talking to us and letting us know what was going on.   Postpartum care was great as well - although I did have one nurse who seemed to have a rough night and was a little on the cranky side.  :(

     I have no reservations about delivering there again if we decide to have a second.

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  • I also did and had a wonderful experience! All of the nurses were great and took really good care of me and my little one. I'd have no problem delivering there againSmile
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  • I did as well. With my DS, we had a few problems but it was a holiday weekend and I think all the nurses were just stressed.

    Our middle child was born at MWH and passed away two hrs after she was born because they don't do anything to help babies under 24 weeks gestation and at the time she was born, I was 23 weeks and 6 days.

    Our third child was born there as well and we didn't have any issues.

    Their ER is horrible and told us my daughter had a tumor when it was actually a piece of paper in her nose. After that whole mess, we won't return there.

  • I HATE their ER. I'm glad the majority is that it isn't bad. I'm so sorry about your loss and kind of pissed they wouldn't fly you all somewhere. We are restricted to them because of our insurance (Kaiser Permanente) and I had my 1st in Ohio even though I'm originally from fburg. We were up there for almost 3yrs. 


    Thanks for the input! 

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  • I have the same insurance and visit the office right behind the hospital. Are you a patient of Dr. Tate's?  I'm supoose to delivery there at the end of March, but haven't found time to take a tour yet. By the way Spotsylvania Regional Hospital in Massaponax offers free birthing, breastfeeding, and baby basic classes so don't get sucked in to paying for them at Mary Washington. I'm a little worried about delivering their too, my first choice was Spotsylvania Regional but as our insurance goes we really don't have a choice.
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  • I delivered two babies at Mary Wash.  I personally had positive experiences both times.  The L&D and postpartum rooms are all private (I think PP used to be shared, but not anymore).  The nursing staff is great, especially Leanne on the nightshift in L&D--had her both times. :-)  There was an anaesthesiologist last time who did not have the best bedside manner, and when I had a problem with my epidural cath, he wouldn't even come in the room to check it--just stood in the doorway saying it was fine.  Fortunately, the nurses got a different one to check and she repositioned it no problem.  If you're not getting an epi, no worries about that.

    Security is good.  Parking for visitors isn't the best.  There's a LOT of paperwork.  I thought the majority was done when I preregistered, but there was over an hour of paperwork at check-in to L&D and about another hour's worth at check-in to PP (exhausted after over 12hours of labor).

    The nurses were great about rooming in or taking the baby to the nursery if you wanted/needed, never pushy about either.  There are some nice classes offered free while you're in postpartum if you need any refreshers on breastfeeding or newborn care.  Oh, and staff LCs if needed for breastfeeding.

    I had my first at Potomac, and although I had a great experience there, I preferred MWH.  I'd like to deliver #4 there, but my doc prefers the new Stafford Hospital Center.

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  • I will be.  I used to work there and while I can't speak for L&D personally, there are other aspects of the hospital that I don't like.  

    Most of the nurses i've had just being admitted here & there have been great.  I have not done a tour though & thanks to this post I just realized that I need to pre-register!  I totally forgot & my induction is scheduled for 9 days away lol.

    I was thinking of delivering at Spotsy Regional Medical Center, but bc i'm high risk I had to have a level 3 nicu & hospital that had peri's to round.


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