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Shopping list for second baby?

We're having another boy, so we have almost everything we need for baby #2. I think anyway. Am I missing anything?

-Nursing stuff (pads, lanolin)

-New burp rags

-Aquaphor for circumcision care

-Newborn diapers

 Could it really be that easy?  

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Re: Shopping list for second baby?

  • Um it could be I guess. was your 1st son born in the same season???
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  • i have to get some new sleepers

    newborn and size 1 diapers

    new burp rags

    new baby bath

    new sheets for the cradle....i can't locate them for some reason.

    New bottles (we formula feed)

    Babydaze organizer

    New baby care kit (american red cross)

    Mylicon drops


    but that is basically it !  I also

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  • I've gotten:

    new pacis (just 2)

    new bottles and nipples (on clearance at Target) plus DS's weren't BPA free

    mycolin drops (also on clearance at Target)

    new washcloths (old ones were worn out and fraying)

    new bibs (I wanted to try the Tommy Tipee ones)

    new bedding (wanted a new nursery look, even though team green)

    socks and scratch mittens (mine from DS have disappeared)


    New baby tub (missing??)

    New mobile (old one died)

    Breastmilk storage bags

    I received some sleepers too as gifts

    I keep thinking there has to be more, but there really isn't.


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  • Funny that you both need new tubs!

    Based on your lists I remembered that I need to replace our broken baby monitor, and replenish infant sized nuks.

    Yes, same seasons for both boys; due days are two days apart! 

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  • I think so!  I'm not really getting anything aside from clothes (different sex, different season) and new parts for my pump.  And I've splurged on some new dipes (we use cloth).  But aside from that, I feel ready to go!
  • We are having a girl this time so we are in need of clothes. My SIL just had a baby girl two weeks ago and I had a cousin who had twin girls last week. Knowing that these are their last babies I hope that the will share some hand me downs!

    I have tried to buy diapers here and there so I already have a few packages to start out with. And my SIL gave me two boxes of nursing pads so I am well stocked with those.

    I would like to get new burp cloths, a few new crib sheets and then I think just clothes. 

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  • We are having another girl, so we just had to buy a few things..

    *another crib; crib sheets/mattress pad
    *more burp cloths (I made more of them)
    *newborn diapers
    *a few more pacifiers
    *new monitor (ours from last time broke)

    I think that's really all...I'm sure I will remember a few more things once the baby is here!

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  • Besides everything on your list, I need(ed):

    • new towels/wash cloths
    • some clothes since DD1 was born in January and DD2 will be born in March


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  • I wonder how long lanolin is good for? I have half a tube left and I havent thrown it out yet. If it doesn't expire, I will keep it with all the other baby things I have retired to storage until LO #2 rolls around. If it has an expiration date, it will go in the trash. I haven't checked yet. We have so many things in our storage room from DS! I'm keeping a good number of things for a second child, and if it comes out a boy, great. If not, I will find someone pregnant with a boy and give them Christmas in whatever month it just so happens to be :)

  • We are doing a second nursery because dd isn't ready to transition to a toddler bed yet.  We bought new furniture, crib matress, bedding (no set this time, though).  We are also buying a new miracle blanket, pacifers, and bottle nipples.  And I'm getting a new changing pad cover because the elastic is shot in ours. 

    And though our girls will have been born in the same seasons, I'm buying a few new outfits and sleepers for the new kid.  I want her to have a few things that aren't hand-me-downs!

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    Thanks for the great ideas! They are very helpful. I was also thinking that I need a new stroller seat for baby#2 or the piggyback step for my daughter. Also a new breast pump (the on I had was borrowed and my cousin is also having baby #2), just a tip check if you have private insurance they might cover the breast pump (apparently mine does :) I still have to call them) New mattress for the crib and a new bed for my daughter, she's excited that she gets to choose her own bed. Hope this helps.
  • People keep asking me what I need for the baby... But I really don't need anything much at all.

    I may buy a wrap... my carrier is ok, but I found it a little hard on my back.  I tried a friend's wrap once and really liked it.

    we need a couple of sleep sacks, since DD's got stained

    I bought a few more cloth diapers in newborn size, because we didn't have quite enough with DD and had to use disposables while hers were in the wash.  We have more than enough of the bigger ones, and we use cloth wipes, so we don't need to buy those either.

    We also use Dr. Bronner's diluted in a foam pump for shampoo/body wash...  one $14 Liter should last us for years.

    I might buy some new clothes.  Some of DD's is gender neutral, but most of it is girly.  We have some hand-me-downs that we got before we knew DD was a girl... and I expect we will be gifted some. I will buy the majority of his clothes secondhand.  But it would be nice to have a couple of new outfits for the hospital pics.

    This reminds me - I have to check and see if my pump still works.  It seemed like the motor was dying towards the end with DD.  I have re-useable breast pads, I didn't really use the lanolin with DD, so there's 95% of a tube left, and I have some storage bags leftover too.

    and SOCKS!!! Where on earth do they disappear to?

    My list for DD was so long in comparison! 


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  • For us: New car seat. Double stroller. New pacis and bottles. Diapers.

  • Most of the stuff I had to buy was stuff that I had loaned out and did not receive back, like the boppy.  But aside from that, I bought new nipples and drop ins for my playtex bottles, pacifiers, burp cloths, bibs, baby washcloths. My pump had 100,000 miles on it, so instead of replacing the replaceable parts this time, I obtained a whole new pump through insurance/Edgepark. I bought a couple of new nursing bras because they get SO much wear. New creams, lotions, washes were already mentioned. The infant car seat was replaced since it was expired. I bought a couple of new outfits - something new for pictures and to bring her home in. We had to buy some furniture for the big kids & rearrange the rooms.
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  • Diapers, wipes, new pacis, new nipples and valves for Born Free bottles, a new sound machine ours broke, diaper cream, gas drops, a new lovie (since I like to pick them out myself), baby wash, I picked up a few new outfits since I felt gulity that DS2 was getting all DS1 stuff (I'm also due 3 days after Ds1 bday). A going home outfit.
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  • Diapers, Wipes, Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Shampoo, Lotion, Washcloths, Nipple Shield, Nipple ointment, New valve for breast pump, 2 pack of Paci’s, New 1st Aid Kit for babies
    Breastmilk storage bags, 3 pack of bottles - Tommy Tipee (just in case, It looks breastfed baby friendly), New Diaper Bag


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