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New Years Eve Plans

So the boards been slow with the Holidays and such so I figured i'd try and get thigns going a little to see what yoru New Years Eve Plans are!
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Re: New Years Eve Plans

  • Unfortunately we don't have any plans.  We'll probably just watch the countdown on TV while we both work on the computer doing the normal activities that we do (i.e. I'm working on Natalie's photo album).
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  • No big plans here. DH had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday so I doubt he will feel like doing much this year. We'll probably just relax at home and watch a movie.
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  • Nothing. My car is dead so all extra monies will be going to that. I just talked to DH and we are going to get take out mexican food and watch "Salt" which is supposed to be good. He thought he had Friday off but he has Monday off. BOO.

    One day I really want to take a trip to see the big pickle drop in Mt. Olive!




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  • Staying at home and trying (unsuccessfully, I'm sure) to stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV.

    But then again, we're party animals like that. Party!!!

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  • We are going to spend the evening/nite at my parents in North Raleigh with my parents, brother and grandma who is in town from Florida for the Holidays. We are making a bunch of appetizers and snacky foods and will just hang out and watch the different New YEars coverage on TV and then I'm sure soon after midnite we will crash! and I'm sure DH and my 17 yr old bro will be playing video games they got for Xmas and then New Years day my dad's brother will come to my parents house to celebrate new years day.
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  • considering that i can barely stay up til 10, we're not doing anything lol.  i doubt we'll even try to watch the ball drop.    pretty boring huh? lol!
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  • Try not to be jealous: I'm working! DH and I worked Christmas and NYE this year. We're stocking up favors so when Zoe is old enough to "get" Christmas that we can be home. Christmas was just awful this year in the ER, so I'm not looking forward to another holiday madness. At least it's not supposed to snow. . .that made for a depressing day with the accidents and badness. I don't think I could handle another day like Christmas was this year!
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  • Our usual exciting NYE tradition: play trivial pursuit, drink champagne, and watch the ball drop on TV! :)
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  • Im tired of being I have a sitter planned, and we are planning dinner and maybe a drink out somewhere afterward with friends. I doubt we'll stay out till midnight but we are doing something. Come to think of it we have at least done dinner for the last couple of years......I just CANT stay home.
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  • I'll be camping out in bed with Zachary while DH deals with Aydin and his 2 friends he's having over.  It was suppose to be 1 friend, but then somehow it turned into 2...oh well - at least DH will be the one making sure they don't wreak havoc on the house.  I'd probably duct tape them to a chair :)
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  • Our plans finally came together and I am so excited! We are going to dinner at my favorite restaurant with two other couples and my nanny is going to watch all the kids at my house (she is bringing a friend to help and my DS will be asleep before we leave). She even offered to come pick us up and be our DD since her friend will be there too (not that we will need it!), she is awesome!
  • Since DD has been battling strep all week, I think we'll stay at home too.  I'm planning to either cook a big dinner or make a bunch of appetizers for us to munch on.  I'll be sipping sparkling apple juice and I hope I can make it to see the ball drop.  I'm not a huge fan of Kathy Griffin, but I remember her and Anderson Cooper being hilarious the last time we were at home on NYE.

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