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cervical lip

Did anyone have this during labor or know more about it?  This was the reason for my c-section...well my records prob. say fetal distress...but I pushed for 2.5 hrs and bc of the cervical lip I could not push her past, I got winded, and her heart rate started to decrease...so the dr said c-section...

upon reading further after I think that there were other postitions and things that we could have tried to get her out.  I really want a VBAC but am worried that I will be faced with the same issue (although everything I read says that this is something that might differ from pregnancy to pregnancy).

I have my 1st appt with a new office tomorrow and will talk with the dr about this issue and VBAC.

Re: cervical lip

  • I had this..I had a lip at 9.5 cm but was told to push and the doctor could move it while I was pushing. I pushed for 2 hours, my records state 1 hour, before my DD heart rate went into distress. My records state arrest of descent at station 0 to +1 (Faluire to progress) they also state that she had a large head.

    From what I have read and been told by some CNMW is that it chances are the reason why my DD went into distress is because she was not ready to come down yet. That she needed more time for molding to take place and pushing sooner stressed her out. After I stopped pushing and was in the OR my DD heart rate was back to normal.

    I am switching providers. I will be making an appointment to see a new provider soon and then hopefully we will start trying around 1 year (maybe 9 months)

  • I had one in both labors. With Bean, the doctor pushed it out of the way and tried to manually reposition Bean's head, which did not work. It was her position (and unwillingness to change it) that was the reason for c/s, not the lip. With Bug, the midwife reached up and moved my cervix behind Bug's head so it would be out of the way when I pushed. I had no issues after that. She was out in half an hour of pushing.
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