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Birth Center consultation fees for 1st time VBACers - WDYT?

I think 2011 may be our year to TTC #2. Although now that the new year is almost here that is starting to sound a little scary... I've been researching hospitals, providers, birth centers, etc. every so often. My ideal VBAC scenario would be a hospital water birth but while one of the hospitals will allow you to labor in the tub none support actually birthing in the tub.

I was excited when I checked in on a local birthing center's webpage to see in bright letters "Now supporting VBACS, inquire within". Apparently all initial consultations at the bith center are free for all candidates, including those who have had 1 or more VBACS, with the exclusion of anyone seeking their first VBAC. If it is your first VBAC they require medical records and you must call to find out what the consultation fee is.

I was kind of put off by this exclusionary policy. There is a possibility they are getting a lot of inquiries regarding VBACs and are trying to weed out those who are curious about but not seriously commited to VBACing. WDYT?

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Re: Birth Center consultation fees for 1st time VBACers - WDYT?

  • I think it may be there way to weed out those who are serious about VBAC. They may have a very small if any once they know you are serious. I would have my medical records from my previous pregnancy and everything i can get from the one so far, explain to them what I have researched and why I want and think their facility may be perfect to help facilitate exactly what I want out of my next birth. They just might be shocked and waived the fee or apply it towards the final cost of the birth.

    I would call and find out before passing too much judgement.

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  • I'm sure it has to do with the fact that they have to critically review your medical records to make sure they can support your wishes and what you are to expect from them.  Different hospitals/centers have different policies for VBACers.  If you've already had a VBAC, you've already met the basic criteria and been informed of all risks and most importantly, have succeeded with the VBAC and know what to expect.  Just my guess.  I don't think it's unreasonable to have a consultation fee although I might hestitate it if seems outrageously high.
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